New York Yankees purchase perfection

Money money money moooney, moooney!

To many, the budgets that Major League teams spend on new players and staff members may seem outrageous, but toYankees buy perfection the New York Yankees it is all in a day’s work; whatever it takes to build perfection. After all, their salaries are the highest in the nation, or are they?

A shocking new report shows that the Yankees are no longer the highest-salaried team but they do remain up there at the number 2 spot as the 2nd highest paid team in the nation. Who is number 1 now you ask? And what do they make? Well I’m here to tell you folks, and it may shock you because it certainly surprised me a little!

Los Angeles vs New York

It’s the Los Angeles Dodgers!! Yeah I was expecting the Tigers or maybe the Red Sox, the Bombers’ sworn enemy, to lead the pack but today Sports Center sent me an alert I had to share! Apparently the Dodgers are putting the New York Yankees in their place- 2nd place to be exact.Yankees pay for perfection

According to the Los Angeles Dodgers salary adds up to $220 million this year. That’s $16.9 million more than the New York Yankees, who reportedly make $203 million per year. Just looking at those numbers makes my head spin, I can’t imagine ever making that much or being responsible for those paychecks every month!

Where does all the money go?

The report went on to list the rest of the MLB in order of salaries and I wasn’t too far off with my guesses. The list continues saying that after New York, Philadelphia, Detroit and Boston are the next highest paid teams. Surely, the two teams to represent the AL in the most recent World Series are up there- that makes sense- but I guess I’m a little astounded to seeYankees pay for perfection┬áthe Phillies up there.

Nevertheless, when players are making over $21 million per year it adds up quickly, and as a Yankees fan it’s nice to be knocked down a peg. After all, many people see the Yankees as the team that buys perfection (What player wouldn’t swap teams for more money if given the chance?) but that’s the whole point. To make money, you have to spend money and the Yankees rarely settle for second best. They also make more profit than most teams so they have the money to spend purchasing the players that fit the mold, play the best and have the abilities the Yankees are looking for.

Paying for perfection

Paying for perfection might be what the Yankees are known for, but I say if you got it flaunt it, and they’re known for that too. Tossing millions at players to win games is what every other team does too, they just might not have the same funding the Yankees do and that’s too bad so sad for them, but pretty dang good for the Bombers. Having staff with the skills of choosing players wisely to build the team into perfection is also an asset the Yankees seem to utilize year after year, and hopefully that doesn’t ever change. Everyone knows a good manager and staff is part of what makes a team great, and a great team is only as strong as their weakest (lowest paid) player, right?!