WWE: Dolph Ziggler deserves a huge push

Dolph ZIgglerIt’s nice to see Dolph Ziggler finally get back on the winning page.

As of late, Ziggler has been picking up some wins. He fell to Intercontinental Champion Big E on Tuesday’s episode of Main Event, but that was after winning an exciting triple threat match over Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio, both former World Heavyweight Champions.

Within the past three weeks, Ziggler has scored wins over Damien Sandow, Fandango, and Del Rio. Those wins were refreshing to see, especially after everything he had been through before that.

Between Nov. 25th and Feb. 25th The Show-Off lost 14 of 18 matches, taking part in a lot of theme matches that were mostly geared towards the interest of kids and local fans.

Ziggler cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio the night after Wrestlemania 29 was one of the more exciting moments I’ve ever watched in wrestling. He was supposed to be a heel and when his music hit the place exploded.

Everyone thought that was Ziggler’s shining moment, and that his career was going to take off from there. Since then, it was all downhill.

Ziggler did not get to defend his title at the Extreme Rules because he was sidelined with a concussion. Then, at Payback, the WWE Universe was shocked to see him drop the title to Del Rio. Many were furious with the outcome, especially because people were thrilled to see what Ziggy could do in a title run.

Del Rio was also victorious in the rematch for the World Heavyweight Title at Money in the Bank. Ever since then, Ziggler never got another shot or was really even close to the championship.  Just five short months after winning the title, Ziggler was in a lowly mixed tag team match at WWE’s second biggest show of the year, Summerslam.

The Show-Off supposedly trash talked WWE’s booking of him in an interview about Summerslam. Many believe that this led to his drop down the card and his consistent losses.

He was a glorified jobber to big names from then on. He lost a lot of matches to Randy Orton, the Shield, the Wyatt Family, Sheamus Dolph ZigglerAntonio Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio. Fans were upset with how Ziggler was treated considering many believe he is one of the best talents the WWE has.

Ziggler is and always has been a favorite to watch in the ring. His ability to sell opponents’ moves is very exciting. Even as a heel, people would cheer for him when his music hit.

It’s really unfair Ziggler has gone through countless losing streaks since dropping the title at Payback. For years, many believe he is a main event talent and should be treated that way. He has recently put on a persona of being a disgruntled superstar whose talents have been wasted in matches that are beneath him.

Hopefully, this persona picks up some steam and he gets rolling again, his recent winning ways are optimistically showing that he is getting a push to the top of the card.

A big telling sign will be Wrestlemania 30, where Ziggler will compete in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. If he wins that match people may begin to believe that Ziggler is finally on his way back to the main event scene, just a year after the biggest night of his career.