Real Madrid: Goodbye, La Liga?

Carlos Bacca, celebrates his second goal to seal the victory yesterday at La Liga.

Carlos Bacca, celebrates his second goal to seal the victory yesterday at La Liga.


Real Madrid not only didn’t recover from the defeat at El Clasico, but they lost again and buried much of their options to win La Liga.

Three days were enough for Real Madrid to almost vanish the title. Now they are three points behind Atletico and two from Barca.

Real Madrid has lost the goal average, and Ancelotti will have to climb with everything they have to not lose La Liga. After this defeat, the title is almost impossible to achieve.

Carlos Bacca knocked down the Merengues with two goals. Sevilla took control of the ball and plundered their opponent. Bacca didn’t spare Diego Lopez and buried his rivals at the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

Real Madrid disappeared as the game moved on. They started really well and took the lead in the match with Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, but they lost the lead again like they did on Sunday against Barca.

Sevilla was smart, and they knew how to hurt the Merengues. They allowed few spaces and Madrid did not come out of their confusion.

The problems with the Merengues creating game were evident. Only Modric and Benzema tried to turn the game, but only two players can’t make a difference sometimes.

Real scored, but four minutes later, Sevilla equalized. Xabi Alonso was lost in the pitch. He gave so many spaces to Sevilla and Reyes made the difference. He gave a great assistance to Bacca, and he made ​​no mistake in front of Diego Lopez.

Sevilla continued with their plan, and didn’t stop until the end. Madrid was lost in the pitch. They couldn’t have possession of the ball and only ran chasing Sevilla.

Cristiano Ronaldo after his score only had very few opportunities, but were distant shots.

Neither Marcelo and Bale helped the team either. Marcelo couldn’t make the right passes, and Bale focused on changing his boots left the right space for Sevilla to strike and win the game.

Isco was the only solution that sought Ancelotti and Morata entered too late in the game. Real Madrid died tonight with shame throwing long distance shots to the goal of Sevilla. That long distance reflects now how far way La Liga is for the Merengues.