New York Giants among free agency winners

The New York Giants hit the free agent pool with $133 million to spend and quickly made their offers. With $108.6 million spent so far and 41 days left until the draft, the Giants still have room to make the proper adjustments for the upcoming season.

To help their position further they were awarded a 5th round compensation pick. This allows them two picks in the fifth round and none in the seventh because of their trade for linebacker, Jon Beason. The Giants may have lost a lot of men this year but with this amount of money and picks they have, they’ll be able to bring a lot more promising men in. They will also have even more money to work with once David Baas is officially off the books.

New York Giants

As of late the Giants have picked up guards Geoff Schwartz and John Jerry who will be strong and necessary assets to the o-line. Schwartz is thought to be the Holy Grail- he is a veteran to the game and will be starting as soon as the season begins. Along with them the offensive line will be gaining J.D. Walton (C), and the receiving corps gets (WR) Mario Manningham back. Also, running back Rashad Jennings was signed and I believe that he has the power and the speed that Tom Coughlin is looking for to set the team apart.

To strengthen the Giant defense they have signed Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Rodgers-Cromartie was caught up with both New York teams, but finally was swooped up by the Giants for a cool $35 million. Some believe he might not have what it takes but we can only hope for the best. Other new members are Walter Thurmond (CB), O’Brian Schofield (LB), Quintin Demps (S), and Jameel McCain (LB). In Thurman, the Giants finally have someone who is going to be able to cover the slot.

The team has signed 10 free agents since Sunday, March 23 but according to New York Post, co-owner John Mara said they are “pretty much done”.  And when he says done he means with free agencies. There is plenty of time left for small moves to strengthen the team.

Everyone knows that the biggest downfall of the Giants 2013 season was their weak offensive line. With the picks they have chosen so far there will be a massive improvement in running the ball and keeping the game moving.

This upcoming draft needs to be filled with players who are long term. The Giants have time and time again picked up players who just don’t work out. The Giants need fewer injuries and players that stick around for more then two seasons. Great teams are built from repetition and stability.

With all strong moves so far, the Giants seem to have come out on top for now. Hopefully we can grab some last minute picks that will further fill the many holes in both the offense and defense. They are still in the process of looking for a new tight end and receiver to tighten up the game. The power moves have been made and now the coaches will be able sit back and see what they will have to do to make the 2014 team the best it can be.