Charlotte Bobcats are now The Josh McBobcats

What a week it’s been for the Charlotte Bobcats’ Josh McRoberts.

A journeyman long lauded as the NBA’s living, breathing example of the limits of mediocrity, McRoberts has been on a mission to blow up that label this week.

First, there was this.

It came as a shock to many to see him go reverse on Brooklyn like that but while he’ll never be the next Dr. J, let it be known that despite his athletic limitations, Josh McRoberts can create separation, from the ground.

But feeling that he hadn’t quite earned the recognition he deserved, McRoberts set out last night against the Orlando Magic to once again prove what he knew we didn’t. Going off for a career high six 3s and 24 points, he finished also with 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks. Widely accepted as a valuable playmaker (ranking 3rd in the NBA in assist to turnover ratio), with this line he again showed how he can do it all.

Although he’s probably not going to have very many games like this, it’s encouraging for the Bobcats to see what the 6 year vet can contribute at this point. With the team headed for the playoffs sporting a below-average offense, they’ll need an all-hands-on-deck effort from everyone to scrap and claw for every basket. Since Al Jefferson will likely be commanding double-teams the Bobcats will need the spacing and passing that McRoberts can provide. McRoberts is averaging 37 percent from 3 on the season, which is right above league average and will keep teams honest about contesting his outside shot down the stretch. It’s great to have his production, especially if Gary Neal will be dealing with lingering knee issues.

While he may never be an NBA superstar, or All-Star, or star even, Josh McRoberts can at least be someone special in all of our hearts and has at the very least earned the right to not be called McBob at his choosing.