Boston Celtics reasons for optimism

boston celtics

The Boston Celtics have been down this road before of attempting to rebuild after a legendary big 3 have left. It didn’t go so well the last time, as it took the Celtics about 20 years to compete for another championship after the iconic 80’s Celtics withered away at the end of their time together. They seem to be in a much better position this time around.

The current ownership group has held up, and provided the organization a steady anchor, realizing the iconic status of the team they bought. They seem to be on the same page with their general manager, which is huge, as when on the same page as an organization, it can make like so much easier on everyone (not that they will always agree), but their power structure seems to be working very well so far in the transition of eras taking place the last 12 months.

General manager Danny Ainge is thought of as one of the best at his position in the NBA, and has a great front office surrounding him. He will make sure the Celtics get back to championship contention sooner than later. Having played here, and having a relationship with the late great Red Auerbach, he understands his place in Celtic history. Having been apart of the last two championship teams of the 80’s, and being the architect of getting Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen to the Celtics and back to being champions once again, he would love nothing more than to get another ring for the legendary franchise.

The biggest reason the Celtics are in a great position going forward is the rookie head coach Brad Stevens. Already seen as one of the best young coaches in the game, with an opportunity to grow on the job without too much pressure, as the Celtics gave him a nice long contract, understand that it will take a little while to turn the franchise around. It will be fascinating to watch when he has the actual tools to work with on the court. You can also tell that he knows what kind of position he finds himself in, fully realizing that he is now in charge of getting the Celtics back to championship contention. Following in the footsteps of legendary coaches like Auerbach, K.C. Jones, and Doc Rivers, Stevens is aware that with winning championships with such an important franchise will lead him to an iconic status as well. What a goal and opportunity for him to have.

With the next few years more than likely going to be rough record wise, the Celtics have a chance to acquire high draft picks (which they hopefully hit on), or use these picks as trades pieces for acquiring other assets. Also, by the time the Celtics will hopefully get to contention mode again, the Heat will be old or broken up, and the Pacers will have already peaked as well. The Eastern conference is there for the taking once the Celtics can get the players that they need.

You never know what could happen, but I’d say the Celtics are going to be a championship contender within the time frame of Stevens contract. Restoring the greatness of the greatest franchise in the NBA won’t be easy, but with their organizational power structure and brains in place, this regime will get it done.