Mexico Soccer: The angry pea, Javier Hernandez, shows new demeanor


From infectious grin to a frustrated pout, Javier Hernandez is finally showing a posture of discontent after four years at Manchester United.

Four years ago the thought of seeing the little pea unhappy at United seemed impossible. Hernandez was living his dream; he would boast about it in nearly every interview he did in 2010. But times were a bit different back then as many expected Hernandez to have a tremendous future at United.

But it turned out to be just the opposite. Hernandez has been unable to build the illustrious career fans predicted. Instead, Hernandez  has undoubtedly lost his place.

Hernandez’s positively charged demeanor was one of the characteristics the little pea was best known for aside from his work ethic on and off the pitch. This new demeanor is an obvious product of his struggles at United but is it here to stay?

This new demeanor isn’t such a bad thing- sometimes players have to be stubborn to get the recognition that is merited. Sure it’s very uncharacteristic of the little pea but to be taken seriously, sometimes a presence has to be felt. Hernandez’s unrest was surely felt after his late goal Saturday against Aston Villa. No smile was present, it was all work and no play for the little pea. Hernandez’s joyous celebrations may be halted for the rest of the season. That is if he is able to get any minutes while David Moyes is at the helm.

With a very difficult Champions League fixture to come on Tuesday against Bayern Munich, Hernandez will be keen on the thought of getting an opportunity to leave a lasting mark before he leaves United, particularly against the reigning champions of Europe.

  • Ramiro

    He need more playing time! Moyes should give him a shoot. What does moyes have to lose.

    • jorge10928

      His job.