Milwaukee Brewers: Spring lessons

After a few busy month of March I am finally able to write again, I’ve missed a lot in these past two weeks, so I’m happy to be ‘back in the game’ so to speak.

Here are some lessons from the Milwaukee brewers spring training:

The Brewers may be cursed: Lately the Brewers have had a penchant for racking up weird injuries. Last year Brewers general manager Doug Melvin (THE GENERAL MANAGER OF ALL PEOPLE) was stung by a scorpion during spring training and was forced to go to the hospital.  In 2012 Jonathon Lucroy’s wife dropped a suitcase on his hand resulting in the catcher spending time on the DL.   Finally, over this most recent spring training relief pitcher Francisco ‘K-Rod’ Rodriguez somehow stepped on a cactus while playing with his son.

K-Rod showed more athleticism on this play in the 2011 NLCS than he did when he stepped on a cactus during spring training.

K-Rod showed more athleticism on this play in the 2011 NLCS than he did when he stepped on a cactus during spring training.

My conclusion after looking at all these events?  The Brewers may be cursed.  Not in a “Chicago Cubs will never win a world series” but in a “Wow, that is the most ridiculous injury I have ever heard of, and I am not surprised at all that it was a Brewer” kind of way. I understand that other players have had obnoxious injuries, but has any team ever had a string of injuries like the Brewers?  I mean, for goodness sake Jonathon Lucroy was putting socks into his luggage when he broke his hand, can an injury really get more mundanely ridiculous than that?

Regardless of whether the Brewers actually are cursed or not, they need to keep the injuries to a minimum this year as much as possible.  This team has the potential to flame out and die or go to the playoffs, and where they finish is very much tied to how healthy they stay.

The outfield is stacked this year: Obviously, both Ryan Braun and Carlos Gomez have proven that they are two of the better outfielders in the game.  But what about Khris Davis and Logan Schafer?  Well, according to spring training, they both could have huge years this year.

Right now I’m expecting Davis to start over Schafer, that’s basically been the assumption all offseason and I don’t see any reason for that to change.  Davis had 4 home runs, 7 RBI’s, and 17 stolen bases this spring with a .281 on base percentage, which isn’t as good as his spring last year but he’s had some MLB experience now and this season he has the potential to be a beast.

The presumed backup outfielder, Logan Schafer, also went off this spring with a .379 batting average and 22 hits.  He doesn’t present all the tools that Davis has (power, the ability to steal) but he is a great backup to have.

Matt Garza is fine but not ready yet: It’s not a secret that Garza struggled at the start of spring training, I wrote Garza’s struggles myself.  He didn’t really improve dramatically over spring, but he did start slowly getting better.

In his final outing for the Brewers he allowed 2 runs over 3 innings and had an ERA of 8.08 (which was his lowest of the spring.)  Obviously Garza’s performances haven’t been up to par for his contract, but he has been improving and I don’t see a need to start worrying about his play yet.

As always, leave any thoughts in the comments below, and make sure to catch the Brewers opening game on March 31st!