Minnesota Vikings: Jared Allen signing with Chicago is a surprise

Just when it looked as if defensive end Jared Allen was on the way out of the NFC North and into Seattle, he changed his mind and signed with the Chicago Bears, one of the Minnesota Vikings’ most hated rivals.

Chicago is a good place for a guy looking to win a Super Bowl to sign, but this extends beyond that for the 32-year-old Allen who is now on the decline career wise.

Allen left Minnesota very humbly and respectfully, thanking the fans for all of the great memories, but now there is a bitter taste in the air because he will be on the Bears’ defensive line next season.

Allen was one of Minnesota’s biggest impact players ever and a fan favorite all around. When he came to the Vikings in 2008 from Kansas City people knew he’d perform well, but he exceeded expectations immensely.

In six seasons with Minnesota, Allen recorded 85.5 sacks and nearly tied Michael Strahan’s single season record for sacks (22.5) with 22 in 2011. Allen instantly became the biggest force on the Vikings’ defensive line and was feared by every quarterback and offensive lineman in the NFL.

People knew that Allen would leave the Vikings to pursue a Super Bowl, but I never thought he’d choose Chicago, but that was a wrong assumption. Allen is known for his brash personality, and while many fans may see this as a slap to the face of the Vikings’ franchise and fans, I see it as more of a challenge.

Clearly, Allen loved playing in Minnesota. He helped the Vikings reach the NFC Championship in 2009, broke lots of team records, and revamped the defensive line that was in shambles before he arrived.

Now, Allen looks poised to not only win a Super Bowl, but defeat his former team in the process. This should the Vikings some incentive and fire power to destroy the Bears and Allen next season on the field.

I say, thanks for the great memories Jared Allen, but now that you’re playing for a big rival it’s definitely ‘game on’.