New York Giants: tight end possibilities

Since the end of last season, the New York Giants have been making a lot of changes for 2014, but which way are they going for the tight end position?

Like Hakeem Nicks, tight end Brandon Myers also walked away from New York and signed to play elsewhere. After spending only a year with the Giants, Myers secured a two-year, $4.2 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2014 season. Meyers’ contract also guarantees $1.5 million in incentives.

The only tight ends that are officially on New York’s payroll for 2014 are Larry Donnell and Adrien Robinson, with Donnell picking up most of the slack last season. Robinson had only played three games for New York in 2013.

So with only these two officially on New York’s roster, what’s Tom Coughlin’s next move? According to the Giants’ website, the top five tight ends left in free agency are Jermicheal Finley, Owen Daniels, Fred Davis, Dustin Keller and Dallas Clark.

Owen Daniels

But the Giants already had their shot with Finley, and he chose to go another way. Davis has chosen to resign with the Washington Redskins. Keller is likely to return to the Miami Dolphins for at least another year. Clark is rumored to be on his way to retirement after parting ways with the Baltimore Ravens.

So, who’s left on the list? Owen Daniels.

Although Daniels suffered an injury that kept him on the bench most of last season, the guy did some damage on the field in 2012. He started 15 games and secured six touchdowns for the Houston Texans that season, and he even managed to earn himself a ticket to the Pro Bowl.

Yes, maybe the injury could be a problem for Daniels in 2014, but the Giants are running short on options. They can’t go back to taking in guys with cheap contracts anymore, because the team definitely needs an All-Star effort from every player on the field if they want to avoid a repeat of last year’s disaster.

Plus, he’s a good player who’ll probably pick up a salary that won’t burn holes in New York’s pockets.

So, who’s complaining?