Washington Wizards: “Marcin” on up

Marcin Gortat has had a tremendous month of basketball and is a reliable piece for the Washington Wizards on a nightly basis.

Marcin Gortat has had a tremendous month of basketball and is a reliable piece for the Washington Wizards on a nightly basis.

It might be a challenge for people to correctly pronounce his name, but there is no doubt that Marcin Gortat has played his tail off in the month of March.

During this month, Gortat is averaging 14.1 points and 10.9 rebounds. Thanks to a soft touch, the big fella is also shooting 53.1 % from the field and can even step out to knock down the mid-range jumper. Gortat has been mainly known for his defensive prowess throughout his career and is keeping up his reputation by averaging 1.7 blocks in March.

This 6-foot-11 inch, 240-pound center is a workhorse in the post for the Washington Wizards. His strong inside presence is a major reason why the Wizards are in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. Washington is a pesky bunch and just like his teammates, Gortat gets down and dirty so that Washington can continue to inch closer and closer to the playoffs.

Gortat is a 30-year-old player from Poland. He is climbing up the age ladder and is a man far away from his homeland. Nevertheless, Gortat seems as if he is in his element on the basketball court. The paint is his home and no matter how many guys try to come inside, Gortat continues to battle. His hard work has definitely rubbed off on his teammates.

In five of his last six games, Gortat has scored at least 12 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Consistency is something that Gortat brings to the table. The presence of consistency is something that the Wizards have struggled with collectively, so having Gortat as a reliable inside force is giving the Wizards a huge boost in many facets of the game.

The Wizards have nine games left in the regular season. Each game is crucial for the team as they try to lock up a playoff spot. In this last stretch, the Wizards are matched up against multiple Eastern Conference opponents, who are not only vying for playoff opportunities but also for home court advantage.

Gortat is trying his best to aid his team in their quest for a postseason run.  In the last two games, Gortat has taken it to his Eastern Conference opponents!  Gortat poured in 17 points and snagged 12 rebounds in a 91-78 convincing win over the Indiana Pacers on Friday night. Then, he followed up that performance by putting up 12 points, 11 rebounds and 4 rejections in a 101-97 victory over the Hawks on Saturday.

It is clear that Gortat is demanding respect. He is the epitome of  the Washington Wizards’ franchise. They are a hard-working bunch of guys, who do not really stack up against teams on paper but when they get out on the hardwood, it is a totally different story. Gortat is not an elite center but hard work can beat talent any day. This Polish giant has been playing exceptionally well in March. The least people could do is pronounce his name right. Say his name five times fast. It is Marcin Gortat  ( pronounced MAR-cheen GORE-that) and don’t forget that because this guy can flat out play some basketball.