Denver Broncos 7 round mock draft 3.0

There are still some players available, but few will make big news when they are signed.  In essence, free agency has ground to a halt.

There are sporadic trade rumors, but the NFL offseason is in a lull.  The next big event is the NFL draft.  The Combine is long over and college Pro Days are in full swing leading up to the deepest draft in the last decade.

The draft can’t get here soon enough.  I want to know who the Denver Broncos draft instead of just speculating, but alas that is all I can do for now.

It is a difficult business to predict when players will be selected in the draft and even harder to predict trades, but that is what I am going to do with this mock draft. Why? Because it makes sense for the Broncos to acquire more selections in a very deep draft.  If the first round of the draft goes as I predict there will be teams clamoring to get back into the end of the first round to grab a couple quarterbacks who fell down the draft board.

Unfortunately, if it goes as I predict the Broncos will also miss out on drafting some key impact players since they will be gone by #31. I am talking about the likes of Ryan Shazier, CJ Mosley and any first round graded cornerback.

The Broncos should explore trading Chris Clark

The Broncos should explore trading Chris Clark

The Broncos should not only trade out of the first round, but also shop Chris Clark for a fourth round or better selection in this draft.  It would be prudent for the Broncos to get additional selections in the second, third and fourth round.  With Vinston Painter and the resigning of Winston Justice they have depth at tackle right now.  Clark’s value is at it highest point and there are still left tackle needy teams that missed out on free agents.

I have poured through pro day reviews, watched game tape and have read as many scouting profiles as I can to learn as much about the draft prospects as possible.

Mock Draft 3.0

Round #2 (projected trade out of first round) – Gabe Jackson, Guard, Mississippi State

He is the second rated guard in the draft and he will be a day one starter.  The Broncos are in dire need of filling the hole left by Zane Beadles.  It isn’t a sexy pick, but guard is a need as is upgrading the offensive line.  Jackson is a road paver in the run game and has nimble feet for pass protection.  There won’t be any more defensive tackles bull rushing to the quarterback on the left side if he is the starter.

Round #2 – Marcus Martin, Center, USC

The center crop coming out of college this year is not spectacular, but Martin has a solid grade and good size for the position.  He would immediately push Manny Ramirez with the potential to start in year one.  He has a very high ceiling and brings a physical style of play.

Round #3 (projected additional pick through trade) – Pierre Desir, Cornerback, Lindenwood

Desir impressed me at his pro day.  He chose to run in poor weather conditions and improved his 40-yard dash time from the combine.  He has the all the skills, athleticism and physical attributes to be a starter in the NFL, he just needs some technique work.

Round #3 – Billy Turner, Tackle, North Dakota State

Turner will add depth to the offensive line at either tackle or guard and be a potential replacement if Orlando Franklin leaves via free agency next year.  Turner brings a nastiness that the Broncos offensive line needs and he is very athletic.  There would be a full on competition for the left guard spot between he and Jackson in 2014.

Round #4 (projected additional selection through trade) – Jordan Tripp, Middle Linebacker, Montana

Several draft gurus have Tripp listed at outside linebacker, because of his length and pass rush potential, but he was productive from the inside position at Montana.  He is very instinctive, leading me to project him at middle linebacker.  His 40-yard dash time, cone drills and shuttle drills show that he has the athletic ability to be good in coverage.  The Broncos have interest in Tripp.  There is also rumored interest from the Colts and Eagles in the middle rounds. The Broncos need to grab him before they do.

Round #4 – Jeff Janis, Wide Receiver, Saginaw Valley

A small school stand out with terrific size and athletic skills, Janis is projected to be taken slightly later in the draft.  Teams will be willing to take a chance on him in the earlier rounds because of his combination of size and speed.  He will replace Eric Decker’s role in a year or two and the Broncos have shown interest in him.

Round #5 – Walt Aikens, Cornerback, Liberty

This would be the fifth small school prospect I have selected and it seems a little risky to not take talent from the bigger schools.  However, Aikens is projected anywhere from round two to round seven.  If he is available this late then the Broncos will add much needed depth to the secondary with future potential.

Round #6 – Michael Campanaro, Wide Receiver, Wake Forest

Campanaro is not big, but has good speed and change of direction skills.  He will be a good development player to eventually replace Wes Welker in the slot.

Round #7 – Deandre Coleman, Defensive Tackle, California

Coleman compares to Kevin Vickerson.  He would add to the rotation at defensive tackle and with coaching can learn to be a solid reserve player.  He has the size desired by the coaching staff with room to add bulk to his frame.

  • Justin Pickens

    im a huge broncos fan and love to read other fans input. so thx for the time u put into this but I would disagree with some of the picks logic. o-line not as bad a shape as u put on. Ramarez was a surprise last year at center (cause he not so good at guard that why we got Vasquez) we got a vet back up in Montgomery. Painter was a rookie last year someone we drafted with good athletism and projected to guard. Garland was switched to oline last year cause of his strength and base shown in practice also projected guard with switch. Justice has alot of starts as right tackle to P.Manning, it is my belief that Franklin is going to left guard its were he belongs (it will also pay him more since he never gonna be a left tackle). we prob will draft OL once…..John Elway likes his first three rounds to be guys that will contribute now….and our starting five oline is on our team already so our first 3 rounds will be defense and I agree we trade out of first and have us gaining a 4th and swabbing 1st for 2nd and 3rd for 3rd…….my draft first 5 rounds….2nd rd J.Verrett CB …2nd rd D.Mccullers DT…. 3rd rd J.Tripp LB….4th rd J.Mckinnon RB…..4th rd J.Janis WR…..5th rd D.Southward CB/S use the 6th and 7 th rd for guys who were forgotten dropped cause of injury or minor infractions…….now I didn’t draft oline but we very well could draft one and I wouldn’t be surprised……

    • Thomas Hall

      Thanks for the reply. I appreciate well thought out feedback done in a respectable manner. If Verrett is there in round 2 that would be great, but I am not sure he will be. I don’t think the Broncos want to go into the season with Garland at guard nor do I think they are completely sold on Montgomery or Ramirez. Both are journeymen and good depth, but far from elite. Ramirez had a good year at center, but he has a history of average play. Painter was a practice squadder last year and you can read why I don’t want Franklin moved to guard on one of my posts here on isportsweb. To many doubts to not think Elway wants upgrades. I predict that the Broncos will take at least 2 o-linemen in this draft regardless if they trade for more picks. One of those selections will be in the first 3 rounds. If they draft a guard high, he will be the assumed starter. On defense the Broncos need a starting MLB and depth at both CB and defensive tackle. The rest of the positions are solid both at starters and depth.

  • Sirucek8

    This mock is stupid. You seriously see us going after 3 O lineman in the first 4 picks? You sir are a moron. If we were even thinking about hitting o line this hard, why would we sign painter, justice, and Montgomery? Not to mention we are in WIN NOW MODE. We would not sign players that needed to be developed. Count on us going after impact players right away. We already have a talented roster so it makes no sense to trade back and get more picks for “possibly high upside players.” I wouldn’t be surprised if we traded up to get someone we thought would sure up our defense.

    • Thomas Hall

      Thanks for reading. It is so nice to read such a eloquent critique of my article done in such a constructive way. Please let me know whom you think the Broncos will select. The “talented” roster you speak of is void of talent at left guard and center, unless your idea of “talent” is journeymen, career back-ups or practice squad players. How well did that work out at Metlife stadium in February? The Broncos also have a void of talent in cornerback depth and will be void of talent in the 3rd and 4th wide receiver spots after this year if not already. They also need a real middle linebacker who can cover. That seems like quite a few voids for such a talent laden roster you are suggesting the Broncos have. Mortgaging the future to trade up for one player when a team needs upgrades at several spots is just plain stupid. I remember when Mike Ditka thought that trading his entire draft for one player was a good idea. He was fired and has not coached since. Atlanta traded up for Julio Jones recently and have they won the Super Bowl? Nope. They won four games last year. Please post here in the comments those impact players you think they should draft so that your drafting expertise can be in plain sight and critiqued.

  • Toby

    Nice solid mock draft. Not sexy but O line is very important, just ask Peyton’s brother.

  • Dove Valley

    horrible picks! There is no running back up there, we clearly will draft a running back as well as a QB. Elway said their fine at all positions their just going to pick the best guy that’s on the board when its their pick regardless of their position needs. if manziel falls that far in the first round dont be surprised to see Elway pull the trigger on him and give him a shot to develop behind Manning.

    • Thomas Hall

      What running back to you suggest the Broncos draft?

  • Thomas Hall

    I typically don’t respondto comments, but most of these comments posted are absurd. I am not a Broncos hater. I have loved them since the early 80s and have sat through their
    miserable Super Bowl losses and have never lost faith in my desire to watch
    them play. I have forgotten more about their history than most people will ever
    know. Koppen is contemplating retirement and was a signing only because of
    necessity. His best days are far behind him and he is coming off major injury.
    Ramirez has been a career back up and was not very good as a starting guard in
    2012. He was a decent center this year, but upgrades are needed badly. Games
    are won in the trenches. I watched every horrible minute of the Super Bowl from
    MetLife Stadium. Other than a huge lack of mental focus, a significant reason
    the Broncos lost the Super Bowl was because of terrible o-line play. In fact,
    D. Thomas beat Sherman and E. Thomas in the second quarter and was wide open
    for a sure touchdown to make the score 15-7. Instead, while Manning was loading
    up to throw it to him our o-line allowed pressure to get to him, hit his arm
    and sent the ball sailing high in the air for an easy pick. The interception
    returned for a touchdown made the score 22-0 and that was the end of the
    Broncos chances. They pressured him most of the game. The Broncos defense did
    not lose the game for the team. The Broncos o-line has lost one starter in free
    agency and already needed upgrades badly. They also need some nastiness on the
    o-line not finesse. Should the Broncos start the season with career backups,
    has beens or practice squad players at the left guard and center positions? No
    way. This is a great draft to trade down to stock pile for the future and not
    mortgage it by trading up for a middle linebacker. It is a great draft for OL,
    WR and CB. It is a terrible draft for middle linebackers in today’s game. Other
    than Mosley most of them are either two-down thumpers, better suited to play
    weakside linebacker or have large question marks in their game. A middle
    linebacker will help as I have mocked one early to the Broncos in other mock
    drafts, but there isn’t one worth mortgaging the future for in this draft. That
    position is not only the piece left for a Super Bowl victory. If they can’t
    protect Manning this year or our future QB down the road, a middle linebacker
    won’t help. I don’t think the Broncos will trade out of the first round if
    Shazier or Sua’Filo are available at #31. They will likely be gone. Welker is
    gone next year and Caldwell has never lived up to his potential. The Broncos will
    only have two good receivers after Welker leaves. WRs typically take a year to
    develop after drafting. CB depth is Carter and Bolden. Really those two are who
    you want on the field in dime packages? Upgrades are needed. This mock shores
    up the weak spots now and in the future. If you want to build a poor copy of
    Seattle that is short sighted. I would rather build a team that can make a run
    at the Super Bowl for the next several years by protecting the passer, opening
    holes for the run game and playing solid defense. O-line upgrades are a must
    this year as is nasty physical play across the board. Free agency has helped
    our defense get better, tougher and more physical. Houston trading the #1 pick
    for Os…. nevermind, that comment doesn’t even deserve a reply.

    • Tony

      You make a lot of good points. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Joshua Clearwater

    Brad is right……3 Oline in our first 4 picks? With Koppen and Clady coming back? LOL I thought this was sattire for a minute.

  • irighti

    Thomas you are a Bronco hater. Stupid mock line up here. The Broncos are going to trade Osweiler for a 1st round to Houston. They will take Clowney with their first pick.

  • Benjamin Barkas

    No way Mosley will be there but shazier is definitely possible. If not I’d guess sua’filo if he’s available. I’d be shocked if ALL the cb’s are find also. I think one or two might be there (perhaps the kid from tcu). If there’s really none available they’d trade down but I also wouldn’t be opposed to trading up for Mosley.

  • nigel

    I think that they would choose gabe jackson or marcus martin. Both are great picks but i think we could be in play for trading up for CJ Mosley or back and getting Lamarcus Joyner. Go Broncos!

  • brad

    Sorry Thomas but this draft of yours sucks. I have no idea what you are watching when you watch the B

    • Thomas Hall

      Brad you made my point about why the Broncos need o-line. Yes, an aggressive, big and fast defense made the difference in the Super Bowl. Because our o-line could not keep pressure off Manning or open running lanes. A true middle linebacker would not have fixed the Broncos in the Super Bowl. I did mock one by the way. Also if you want the Broncos to copy Seattle then they will have to change their defensive coordinator, completely change their philosophy on defense and bring in several new players. That will be a nice three year rebuild. And Ramirez has had one decent year at center filled with mediocre play at guard the rest of his career including 2012 with the Broncos. Caldwell has never lived up to his potential and Welker is likely gone next year. Trading up for a position that is not as important in the NFL as it used to be and for two the two players you suggest is so misguided. You state the Broncos need all the positions that I mock in this draft except WR and then say it sucks? Please let me know who you think the Broncos should draft.