Denver Broncos: Thoughts on Emmanuel Sanders and DeMarcus Ware

With all the excitement surrounding the start of the baseball season I haven’t been able to write about the Broncos in a while.  Very recently I helped write isportsweb mock draft; go and take a look if you haven’t already.

In my absence the Denver Broncos signed a pair of playmakers in Emmanuel Sanders and DeMarcus Ware.  As you will most likely see I am a lot more excited about one more than I am about the other but both players will play huge roles for the Broncos in the fall.

Emmanuel Sanders: So pumped about this pickup.  Sanders was the second best wide receiver for the Steelers behind Mike Wallace.  When Wallace left, Sanders actually saw a massive increase in production, although still played second fiddle to Antonio Brown.  In 2013, Sanders hauled in 6 touchdown catches which actually was more than all of his previous touchdown catches combined.

Sanders may be the perfect replacement for Eric Decker.  I personally wasn’t huge on Decker to begin with, I thought he was massively overrated and benefitted a lot from Demaryius Thomas, but I think that Sanders is a stud.  He has speed- he actually returned kicks for Pittsburgh- and he has experience.  Pittsburgh is a big time football city and there’s no way that Sanders will feel any type of pressure moving from the steel city into Denver.

Sanders also can be a massive headache for defenses.  In theory Sanders could be a number one wideout on a few teams and Demaryius Thomas has the ability to be an All-Star every year.  If teams devote most of their defensive energy into stopping DT they are basically asking for Sanders to burn them.  Also, the quartet of Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker and Emmanuel Sanders is going to be a massive problem for opposing defenses.


DeMarcus Ware: If my excitement ranking for the Sanders pickup was a 10 out of 10, my excitement for the Ware signing is about a 5.  Ware is most likely going to end up in the Hall of Fame, but it’s not like he is exactly at the top of his game.  Last year he only recorded 6 sacks, the lowest total of his career.

Demarcus Ware needs to have a bounce back 2014 for the Broncos

Demarcus Ware needs to have a bounce back 2014 for the Broncos

That said, he’s only 31 and he’s been battling injuries for the past few years so there’s no reason why Ware can’t have a comeback in 2014.  Even if he never produces at the levels that he did in Dallas, Ware will at least be able to draw linemen away from a rehabilitated Von Miller, and to be fair, even if Ware doesn’t open up lanes for Miller, Miller may be able to open up lanes for Ware.

The Broncos frontline has the potential to be deadly next year, and now with the addition of TJ Ward in the secondary I’m actually starting to get excited about what 2014 has to offer.  However, if Ware isn’t able to produce at all the Broncos season could quickly fall apart defensively.


Other News: The Broncos lost a few big name players to free agency lately, Shaun Phillips signed with Tennessee and Knowshon Moreno signed a contract with Miami.