North American LCS: All-Star team

We’re almost to the end of the spring split, and All-Star voting is upon us. This is the first year that LCS has had voting for All-Stars, and it is not in the traditional way of voting for each position. The All-Star voting is simply vote for your top three favorite players, and the top two vote-getters will face off in a series of four “All-Star challenges” against each other. Based on what is displayed after voting, it looks as though it will really be the top North American LCS player against the top European LCS player in votes. The challenges have yet to be revealed, and Riot will release one challenge every Thursday after the voting ends. Vote here now until April 12. In order to vote, you must be logged in to a League of Legends account. Each account can vote for three players per day.

In the spirit of the more traditional All-Star games in American sports,  I have decided to build what I believe is a best-of-the-best team for North America. This is a combination of who is the best, and who is the most popular at their position.

Cloud 9 HyperX

Balls, Cloud 9

Top lane: An “Balls” Le, Cloud 9 HyperX

Yes, his Summoner name is Balls. It was a tough choice between him and Dyrus (Team SoloMid) for this one. I feel they are pretty even when it comes to skill, but Balls gets the tie-breaker with fan support. He has been a solid contributor to Cloud 9’s success, and has been a little bit more consistent than Dyrus. His ability to help rotate to the team is better than any other top lane player as well.

6.24 KDA, 74 kills, 182 assists, 381.63 GPM (gold per minute)

Team SoloMid

TheOddOne, Team SoloMid

Jungler: Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie, Team SoloMid

TheOddOne was also at a tough position to pick, as Meteos (Cloud 9) is up there with him. This one, however, I picked more on skill alone and didn’t let the popularity sway me. I believe TheOddOne is the best jungler, and that is most evident when it comes to ganking opponents. Meteos has the team’s rotations helping him out, where TheOddOne is the one doing the helping. Especially early game.

5.27 KDA, 69 kills, 226 assists, 335.78 GPM

Team SoloMid

Bjergsen, Team SoloMid

Mid lane: Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, Team SoloMid

Based on my articles to date, this should have been an expected choice. Bjergsen is the biggest key to TSM’s rise back to the top this season. His dominance of the middle most of the games he has played in opens up the map for TSM, and his knowledge of the game is evident in his decision making. And to think he’s only 18 years old. For those of you who are also baseball fans, he’s the Bryce Harper of LCS.

7 KDA, 132 kills, 92 assists, 420.73 GPM

Cloud 9 HyperX

Sneaky, Cloud 9

AD carry: Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, Cloud 9

I was really close to picking Imaqtpie (Team Dignitas) for name alone (and he’s one of the best as well), but Sneaky deserves it. He’s another key factor in Cloud 9’s success, along with Balls and LemonNation as his support. Sneaky is leading the league in KDA, and has the second fewest deaths of those who have played all 24 games (35, Dyrus has 34). Sneaky deserves votes for All-Stars.

8.63 KDA, 129 kills, 173 assists, 411.81 GPM

Counter Logic Gaming

Aphromoo, Counter Logic Gaming

Support: Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, Counter Logic Gaming

If you read my other articles and knew I would pick Bjergsen, then you probably thought I’d pick LemonNation here, right? I’m going with Aphromoo for two main reasons: the first being he is a little better than and more consistent than LemonNation, and he is the most loved support player by fans. Not to mention after his team beat TSM this week, they are still in the mix of things at the top of the standings.

4.45 KDA, 30 kills, 237 assists, 263.38 GPM

Remember, voting ends April 12. Vote by being logged into a League of Legends account after following this link. All-Star week is May 5-11, and will take place in Paris. Tune in to watch the top team from each region’s spring split, and two watch the two top vote-getting players face off.