The Toronto Maple Leafs are fading fast

toronto maple leafsAfter watching the first period of the St. Louis game, I realized that goal tending is not the problem plaguing the Toronto Maple Leafs.   It is the team’s lack luster performance.

The Leafs are in a slump right now and there seem to be no end to it.

This is the worse time to go into a six game losing streak, knowing other teams are fighting for play off berth.

As of now, the Leafs are out of a playoff spot.  The Leafs are tenth in the Eastern Conference standings and are fourth in the Wild Card race.  With just eight games to go in the regular season, the Leafs have to get every point the team can get.  However, it is going to be tough.

Getting back to the game against the Blues, the Leafs played terrible in the first period.  Okay, Toronto did open the scoring, but the goal  was scored on the man advantage.  When the Leafs were at even strength, the team seemed to have no spark.

St. Louis scored two quick goals before the end of the period.

The Blues went up 3-1 in the second period.  St. Louis won the game 5-3.  Oh, if you are wondering, Jonathan Bernier was in goal for Toronto.  Bernier made 44 saves during the game.

Things just got worse for the Leafs.

Toronto lost to Philadelphia and Detroit 4-2.  That’s eight losses in a row.  EIGHT LOSSES FOLKS!

After Bernier got hurt in Los Angeles,  the Leafs just collapsed.  I haven’t seen a collapse of a Toronto sports team since 1987 when the Blue Jays went into a slump at the end of the season and lost the American League East title.  I was 15 at the time.  I remember trying to hold back my tears.

There is not going to be any tears falling this time.  I have already given up on the Leafs.

Get your golf clubs ready guys.