Why the Washington Redskins must sign DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson could be the key to the Redskins success next season.

DeSean Jackson could be the key to the Redskins success next season.

DeSean Jackson is pissed off at the Philadelphia Eagles, and that could pay dividends for the Washington Redskins. The Eagles cut the explosive wideout last week because of his alleged gang activity. Speculation has been flying both ways as to the truth of those claims, but those circumstances don’t matter for the Washington Redskins.

Jackson, who is an emotionally charged individual, has a lot of built up anger towards the Eagles organization, which is understandable. The Redskins need to take advantage of his emotional state, and they have the most valuable card in the deck, two divisional games against the Eagles next season and sources close to Jackson say he would relish the opportunity to go against his former franchise in the city of brotherly love. Those close to Jackson cite this as the primary cause of the Redskins’ frontrunner status for Jackson.

The 27-year-old receiver is currently in the nation’s capital and will have the bulk of his tour tomorrow. The Washington Redskins are determined to ensure that Jackson leaves the building tomorrow with a deal signed. The Skins added another receiver earlier this month in Andre Roberts, and continue to look to stock up on playmaking wide receivers to make things easier on RGIII next year.

If the Redskins were to sign Jackson, their starting receiving corps would consist of Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Roberts, and Jordan Reed at tight end. If Griffin can get right and Alfred Morris can sustain this success, then the Redskins will have an offense that can compete with that of the Philadelphia Eagles. It would also allow the Redskins now to completely focus on reshaping things on the defensive side of the ball.

On that note, the Redskins did sign 34-year-old safety Ryan Clark today. Clark played for the Redskins in the 2004 and 2005 seasons before spending 8 years in Pittsburgh with the Steelers. Clark will offer veteran leadership to a secondary that is in transition and will hopefully be able to bring stability. Clark’s signing is key, but the signing of DeSean Jackson could be a huge step forward for the Washington Redskins who are searching for their identity.


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