Two reasons AJ McCarron will be the next Russell Wilson in the NFL


At Alabama, AJ McCarron created a legacy for himself.  He crushed school records, won two national titles as starting QB, won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award in 2013, won the Maxwell Award in 2013 and was runner up in the 2013 Heisman trophy race. It’s safe to say that AJ McCarron has quite a resume to enter the NFL.

However, it seems that the 3x National Champion has become the most underrated quarterback entering the 2014 NFL draft- but that’s OK.

Why? The Seattle Seahawks won the 2013 Super Bowl thanks to the incredible efforts of their QB, Russell Wilson.

So?  Well, Wilson was a 3rd round, 75th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. That should give McCarron and Alabama fans hope that AJ will also become a very successful QB in the NFL.

Here are two big similarities McCarron and Russell share that could turn Alabama’s 3x National Champion into a Super Bowl champion:

Offensive Line

The Seattle Seahawks had a very impressive offensive line this past season. Actually, Alabama’s James Carpenter was a part of that offensive line. Wilson had a strong offensive line just like McCarron, but unlike AJ, Wilson was given full credit for his success while AJ was only “good” because of his O-Line, according to some critics. AJ is used to a big O-line, and in the NFL, that’s exactly what he’ll get. Sure, the defensive line will be just as big, but AJ McCarron has great field vision and ability to scramble in the pocket, just like Russell Wilson.

Accurate arm

Both McCarron and Russell Wilson are accurate passers. In 2013, AJ threw for 3,063 yards at 67% and Russell threw for 3,357 yards at 63%. Both QBs also have great field vision and patience.  Like Wilson, McCarron’s field vision allows him to be patient with his passes. Both QBs know how to make short passes that convert into big gains, and they know how to make game winning touchdown passes to put their teams over the top.

All in all, McCarron is NFL material.  Alabama runs a pro system which taught AJ leadership, passing, and developmental skills to help him become a great QB in the NFL. Just like Wilson, McCarron will more than likely be a 2nd-3rd round pick, but if put in the right place, AJ will help his team win a Super Bowl. After all, AJ is used to being an underrated QB; he just uses it as fuel to win championships.

  • Kyle

    The Seahawks absolutely did not have a “very impressive offensive line”. Guessing you aren’t a Hawks fan because your bio says you go to Bama. I don’t feel any way about AJ but if he wants to succeed in the NFL he should hope to have a much better O-Line than Russ had this last year.

  • Vikes_27

    After getting the defense better with a OLB pick in the first round. The Vikings would be wise to trade back in the second or up In the third round and select AJ McCarron. Two major needs addressed and still have good options with the next RB to backup AP or maybe a G/C or DB. Too bad won’t get Manziel