Can the New York Knicks make the playoffs?

It has been an interesting season for the New York Knicks. The season could be described as a roller coaster, but with more declines than ascents.

However, the Knicks (32-43) find themselves one game behind the Atlanta Hawks (32-41) for the eighth seed in the playoffs.

The Knicks are in position to make the playoffs because they finished March winning 11 of their last 14 games. They took advantage of an easy March schedule, but April’s schedule is much tougher.

All seven of the Knicks’ remaining games are against teams above .500. This season the Knicks are only 8-25 against teams with records above .500.  

New York will play five teams — Brooklyn and Toronto twice each — who are currently in the playoffs. The Knicks only have a combined 3-9 record against those five opponents this season

The Hawks will only play of four of their remaining nine games against teams above .500. Atlanta also has 6 home games remaining. The Hawks also have the advantage of playing Detroit, Boston and Milwaukee who are all out of playoff contention.

According to, the Knicks have a 71.9 percent chance to make the playoffs if they finish the season 6-1. That number drops to 42.8 percent if they finish 5-2 and 18.2 percent with a  4-3 record.

It will be a tough task for the Knicks to make the playoffs, but it is possible if the Knicks can play consistently over the next two weeks.

Consistency has been one of the main issues that has affected the Knicks this season.  Three times this season the Knicks have won four or more games in a row followed by consecutive losses.

The team cannot afford to give away any more games like they did in the first game before their recent road trip. The Knicks blew a 15 point lead to the Cavaliers, who were playing without their best player Kyrie Irving.

The Knicks displayed a poor effort in two of the five games on their west coast road trip, getting blown out twice. This included allowing a franchise record 51 points in the third quarter of a 127-96 loss to the lowly Los Angeles Lakers.

At times this season the Knicks’ playoff hopes looked bleak, but they have given themselves a chance to make the playoffs and erase the bad losses from this year.

Carmelo Anthony has never missed the playoffs in his 10 year career.  Anthony and his teammates will either capitalize on this chance or, like so many Knicks’ games this season, let the opportunity slip away.


    Anyone that has been following the Knicks this year are at best disappointed
    with their performance, at this point as a Knick fan, I REALLY DO’NT CARE IF THEY MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!! this is what they have done to a diehard fan.
    I am looking forward to the off season, I’ll be able to look forward to next year,
    hoping that Jackson works his magic and gets us a Knick team that you can feel good about cheering on… this year the fans really got jerked around…

    • Jordan James

      I understand your point. Even with the injuries they should not have been this bad. Felton, Smith, Shumpert, and Chandler all under performed at some point this year. However, with no draft pick, you should still root for them to make the playoffs. Especially if you want Melo to stay. If they don’t make the playoffs it will leave a bad taste in his mouth heading into free agency.