San Francisco 49ers: The Niners should pursue Desean


San Francisco 49ersThis is the way the San Francisco 49ers can get over the hump.  The news that rocked the NFL last week was the release of Pro-bowl receiver DeSean Jackson just one year after reaching career highs in catches and yardage.  It is still uncertain as to why the Philadelphia Eagles chose to change their roster in such a dramatic way but what does remain true is that Jackson is one of the most productive players in the league and if San Francisco has any desire to bypass the Champion Seahawks then, then Jackson is a guy that they need to at least pursue.

It’s well documented that Jackson has had his ups and downs in his career but he is still a difference maker on offense and special teams.  The 49ers have built a great roster with talented veterans and young players and the leadership that guys like Patrick Willis, Justin Smith and Anquan Boldin provide, Jackson will no doubt be productive both on and off the field.  Jackson is also a California kid who went to school at Berkeley so he’ll be familiar with his environment and could have his friends and family nearby.

The 49ers already have two outstanding receivers in Crabtree and Boldin but they both lack the speed and big play ability that Jackson possesses.  His acquisition would instantly make the running game better, which includes Colin Kaepernick’s ability to make plays with his legs, and would also open things up for Vernon Davis down the field.  These are all positive things but the main thing to consider is the factor Jackson would be when facing the Seahawks.  In the Superbowl, Seattle proved how much of a dominant secondary they have and it would make things easier for San Francisco if they trotted out Jackson, Crabtree, Boldin and Davis.

The 49ers also have their own secondary to worry about in the upcoming draft so even though there are some potentially good receivers I find it hard to believe that they won’t go corner back with their first round pick.  Reports have surfaced that a deal between Jackson and the Redskins is close to being official and yes Mr. Snyder can offer the most money, but the 49ers should still pursue Jackson and try to make him part of a winning organization.

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  • ssclesq

    be serious, we need a wr ala To to b slap sherman. crabtree cant do it, boldin is too old. sherman will get right into shermans face. sign him, its better than seattle signing him! ( but honestly he really sounds like a Raider)