Indianapolis Colts: Why Andrew Luck isn’t lucky

He isn’t lucky. He’s just flat out good. Pro Bowl

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been showing why the franchise made the right choice when drafting the young star out of Stanford.

Since being drafted in 2012, Luck has a career record of 22-10 in the regular season, but a 1-2 record in the playoffs. While the playoff record may not look the prettiest, it is something that will easily be improved over the course of his career.

While a team’s record a lot of the time can and should reflect on how strong a team is as a whole, Luck has been able to put his fair share and more when it comes to game days.

According to ESPN, Luck has a QBR average of 63.6 in his first two seasons in the NFL, over 13 points higher than the 50 average on the scale. While throwing for 23 touchdowns his rookie year proved that he had no trouble finding receivers for touchdowns, the 18 interceptions thrown that same year did show he had a lot to improve on.

During his sophomore season, he did.

Luck was able to cut his interception total from 18 to 9 by being careful when he let it loose downfield, or taking off and running for the safe play.

Luck has shown the ability to not only make the great plays with his arm and legs, but his drive to never give up in games is unmatched.

Since 2012, Luck has the most game-winning drives among active quarterbacks in the NFL.

Now when it comes to a two-minute drive that you need at the end of a game to win it, a lot of analysts would probably point to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to lead the way. However, Luck has shown that not only does he has the ability to lead heroic drives, but that he’s able to do it on a consistent basis.

Luck arrived in Indianapolis to not only show that he is the future of the franchise, but to also show that he can build and leave his own legacy. His leadership he brings to the table while being such a great role model off the field is something that are hard to find in franchise players at such a young age.

The decision to release future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning in order to restart with Luck has probably been the biggest decisions the Colts franchise has made in their history.

Luck has proved it’s been the right one.

  • kcortes

    Luck doesn’t need Luck. He’s got skill.

  • Steven Arthur

    Great article! I’m ready to watch Andrew take the field again!