New York Yankees: Season opener up in flames

Season opener flop

Hey New York Yankees fans. I know you’re feeling it too- that pit in your stomach after your favorite team takes a big hit and loses. Especially when they lose their season opener. So, I wont even ask how you’re doing. But I will ask what the heck man? Where were the Yankees we know and love? A 6-2 loss to the Houston Astros for their season opener is the wrong way to start off a season the Yankees need to be one of their best yet.

Season of horrors ahead?

In Derek Jeter’s first at-bat this season, the third pitch of the first inning, was Astros’ pitcher Scott Feldman’s 88 mph fastball. The ball struck the Yankees’ short stop on his left forearm, leaving him a little dazed but he was able to take his base regardless.

That among many other horrors led the team to their first loss of the season and left the Yankees’ entire fan base wondering if this is the foreshadowing of what the 2014 season will be.

So, is it? With pitchers like Sabathia aging and exiting their power pitching prime it’s going to be a long haul. Sabathia specifically was able to show the team during spring training that he can still make plays happen as long as his pitches are accurate and deceptive. However, during the team’s season opener Sabathia’s pitches were neither, and the team suffered because of it.

Despite the team’s all but amazing season opener, manager Joe Girardi told the press he knew they would lose at some point, and we all knew that, but luckily the Yankees got at least one loss out of the way early on. Now on to some wins, or at least hopefully!

Put me in coach!

If Carlos Beltran can continue creating plays, Tanaka can get accustomed to the different styles of Americna baseball and Ellsbury can keep from getting injurred there might still be hope. Somewhere in the world Derek Jeter is reminding himself that this is his last year to leave a mark, and knowing how popular he has been since the start of his career he will use this season wisely.

Today in Jeter history

In fact, on a lighter note, on April 1st, 1996 Derek Jeter hit his first home run with the Yankees against the Cleveland Indians on opening day that year. After hardly impressing the team’s manager at the time, Joe Torre, Jeter hit a home run that left the team and its staff star struck. It was that day that Derek Jeter became the legend we will all remember for years to come. The man we will tell our children about when we talk baseball. The player we all wish we could be like. I’m hoping this sloppy spring training was just his way of saying “I’ve done this before guys, I will do it again!” before leading us to another highly anticipated world series.

Post game feelings

It’s the worst feeling in the world, that pit in the bottom of your stomach after a loss, but we know how baseball goes and we know that at any time anyone can win. So now it’s up to New York to let this season opener be a reminder of what loss feels like, and how bad they want to win.



This post is in loving memory of David Friedlander, the biggest sports fan and most positive man I know.