Pittsburgh Steelers: Drafting a receiver, the last offensive piece?

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense was the small highlight of an 8-8 season the ended without a trip to the playoffs for the second straight year.

Midseason the Steelers offense found their rhythm and kept the team alive in multiple games as the defense seemed to fizzle.

Despite a good showing in 2013, the Steelers offense lost and added faces. On paper, the biggest loss appears to be Emmanuel Sanders but other losses like Jerricho Cotchery could make a bigger impact than others.

But don’t sweat the loss of these players just yet. The Steeler brought in help and will put faith in younger guys. Although they still need to prove themselves, players like Markus Wheaton who I believe can be just as good if not better than Sanders.

Lance Moore was also brought in, a veteran who is capable of replacing Cotchery while the backfield was given a major addition in LeGarrette Blount.

The offensive line will have Maurkice Pouncey back and under new offensive line coach Mike Munchak this line (barring injuries) could be shaped into something special. I know we’ve said this before but don’t underestimate just how big of a difference Muchak will make.

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The area of emphasis on the offensive side of the ball has to be the receiving core.Pittsurgh Steelers

Wheaton and Moore have the potential but there’s always the chance of injury or not panning out the way we’d hope they would. The Steelers should look to the draft to enhance the receivers.

Im talking offense, the defense needs addressed first but if the team’s going to draft for the offensive side the need comes in the form of a receiver, possibly a tall one (Ben Roethlisberger approves).

If in the first round of this draft and players like Justing Gilbert or Ha-Ha Clinton, two guys that could help the Steelers’ secondary have been chosen and players like Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin are on the board. The Steelers should snag one of these promising receivers.

Having depth at receiver or finding a stud in this draft could be the final piece to really make this offense stand out. I have high hopes after seeing this offense near the end of last season. It’s got a lot of promise and if the defense can get back on track the Steelers will return to the playoffs.

The draft will be interesting for the Steelers because a lot of different things could happen. It’ll be fun to watch which direction the Steelers will go on draft day.