Thaddeus Young becoming a true leader

When the trade deadline approached, the Sixers made it clear that they wanted to part ways with the more experienced players on their roster.  Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen were sent to the Indiana Pacers and Spencer Hawes was shipped to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After the Sixers had a huge fire sale on the day of the trade deadline, the next question was where Young would land by the end of the day.  Shockingly, the Sixers did not move Young and they decided to keep him around for the remainder of the season.

This probably came as a surprise to Young as he most likely expected to be moved before the end of the season.  However, the Sixers have made it clear that they have more expectations for Young.

In the NBA, let alone any professional sport, it is rare when a 25 year old is considered the most experienced player on a roster.  Well this is the case for Young on the Sixers, since he has been asked to provide the veteran leadership that this team desperately needs.

Washington Wizards v/s Philadelphia 76ers November 23, 2010

Young has spent his entire seven year career as a member of the Sixers.  He has had many ups and downs during his time, but has always continued to be one of the more dominant players on their team.

He has always been a solid player, but he has had an exceptional season this year setting career highs in multiple categories.  This has been his best scoring season as a pro and has improved his entire overall skill set.

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The Sixers organization knows about the talent he possesses, but now they want to see how he reacts to being seen as the team’s captain.  Even though he has not officially been named the captain, it definitely appears that’s how he’s viewed. 

Once Young figured out he would not be traded, he may have been disappointed knowing he was going to be a part of losing basketball.  He may feel indifferent about still being on the Sixers, but he has not shown it in his emotions and certainly not on the court.

Young is well aware of what the team is trying to accomplish this season.  Now that he realizes he is currently a part of their troubles, he seems to be doing a good job in how he is handling the team.

The Sixers have lost 27 out of their last 28 games, but they do appear to be improving.  Despite the fact they are still losing, they are still working hard and have found themselves to be more competitive in recent games.

Their effort as of late is a testament to the work ethic that Young demonstrates on a daily basis.  This young team is starting to see how a veteran player competes in the NBA which can only help the younger players who are trying to find a place in the league.

The Sixers have to be proud of how Young has handled the situation he has been thrown into.  It is not easy losing this many games, but he is embracing the opportunity as being the leader on the roster.

Young is still under contract with the Sixers for another two seasons.  It is impossible to predict the future in the NBA, but appears the Sixers will hold on to Young.

The Sixers will have more young players coming next season that will have plenty of talent.  They are going to need veteran leadership to have success, so Young will be called upon to fulfill the same role he has this season.

If Young keeps the same mindset and has an Andrew Wiggins or a Jabari Parker playing with him, basketball in Philadelphia should be much more entertaining.  Young has shown that he cares more about the team than his personal achievements, so the Sixers should keep this in mind as they continue to develop their youthful roster.

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