Chicago Bears: Jared Allen excited to win

Chicago Bears fans fell in love with defensive end Jared Allen even after despising him for six years. The ex-Minnesota Viking terrorized Jay Cutler and Matt Forte for years, and now has to be teammates with them?

It seems strange that Allen chose the defensive struggling Bears despite popular belief that he would sign with the Seattle Seahawks and add to their powerhouse defense. Yes, the Bears’ offer to Allen may have been more than twice what Seattle was offering, but Allen claims that he chose Chicago because the Bears are “close to winning a Super Bowl”.

The 32-year-old Allen will be replacing Julius Peppers, who recently signed with the division rival Green Bay Packers. Bears fans everywhere have set the bar high upon Allen’s arrival, as he attempts to bring back the defensive culture of The Monsters of the Midway.

Allen has not won a game in Soldier Field- zero wins in six trips as a Minnesota Viking. Allen on the Bears’ defense: “I know what it’s like to play against a crazy-good Bears defense and how frustrating it is to be on that other sideline watching turnovers after turnovers after turnovers and seeing these guys celebrating.  And you’re just like, ‘Ahhh, there’s nothing we can do.’”

Allen’s jealousy of past Bears defenses will hopefully motivate him to tackle anything in site. Since Allen came into the league in 2004, he has recorded 128.5 sacks and over 500 tackles.  Lamarr Houston on the left end and Jared Allen on the right end should be a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks and running backs.

Chicago Bears

Jared Allen

Allen is not only excited to join the Bears to improve their defense, but he is extremely excited to be on the team that finished second in total offense last season. Allen is very impressed with the wide receiving corps and thinks Jay Cutler is one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league.

“Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, those are two of the top receivers you’re going to play against, with that size,” Allen said. “I know what it takes to prepare for this offense. And it sucks. Week-in, you go ‘Uhhh.’ Jay is crazy good with what he can do inside the pocket. People talk about how (Ben) Roethlisberger can extend plays. I think Jay is probably the top in pocket presence of just making it hard to rush against. So Chicago was always in my top-5 short list because they have a quarterback, they have an offense.  Forte, he’s a dual threat. He can run for a thousand. He can catch for a thousand. What are you going to do?”

Allen, as a member of the Vikings, has prepared for Jay Cutler and the Bears’ offense for the past five years.

The Bears’ offseason moves has fans ranting about a definite playoff run. The expectations are high for Allen and the Bears, but if all players buy in to Coach Trestman’s philosophy, the Chicago Bears can be a true contender to win the 2015 Super Bowl.