Manchester City, Monaco and Real Madrid in one dining table?


Falcao at Monaco.

Falcao at Monaco.

A secret dinner in Madrid between Real Madrid, Monaco, and Manchester City took place yesterday, sources close to Real Madrid can reveal.

The dinner took place at “Meson Txistu” around 1 am.

After talking to sources closed to the club, isportsweb can reveal that this meeting was attended by Florentino Perez, Txiki Beguiristain, Peter Lim, Dmitry Rybolovlev, and Radamel Falcao.

Real Madrid and Manchester City have been obsessed with the Colombian striker for quite some time, and both clubs would like him to join one of the clubs. This is why this past Wednesday, Falcao received a call in Monaco to take a quick fly to Madrid and join them for a bite.

Of course, this transfer will have to give something to Monaco, and according to our source this is what it can take place during the summer market.

Falcao could go to Manchester City if and only if Florentino gets his second biggest obsession, Sergio Aguero. Florentino once again put on the table Iker Casillas, another obsession in Man City just to seduce them and let Aguero join Real Madrid.

If City don’t want to trade Kun, Florentino will be heading with all he has to get the Colombian striker this summer.

Monaco would get Angel Di Maria to replace Falcao, and everybody will be happy.

A dinner would take more than an hour, but this dinner took 20 minutes and Florentino only arrived after the others finished their meals.

In fact, Falcao only arrived in Madrid in the afternoon to have dinner with all of them.

After dinner, Falcao and Rybolovlev left to Barajas to return to Monaco, Bergistain to Manchester and Menendes and Perez to their houses in Madrid.

Only twenty minutes for a peculiar dinner, but without any doubt those twenty minutes might change the colors of three players and their future residence.