Miami Heat: The Big Three need to stay together

miami-heatThe Miami Heat’s Big Three all have the option to opt out of their current contracts and become free agents this summer. Yet they still have made no decisions about whether to remain together beyond this season.

Dwyane Wade says that he will meet with LeBron James and Chris Bosh at the end of the season to discuss their future together. All three have June 30 opt-out deadlines, which allow them to leave in 2014, 2015, or 2016. However, comments made by Chris Bosh a couple of weeks ago indicates that he and James would be returning to the Miami Heat. I don’t know if I believe Bosh or not because he could have said that just to please Heat fans. But with all the success the Big Three has had over the years, I don’t see why any member of the Big Three would want to leave.

Wade has no intentions of leaving the Heat. He loves Miami and is the face of the franchise. However, the other two, Bosh and James, are more likely to leave. I hope the Big Three realize what they have is special. It is difficult to find a core that’s been as successful as they have over the past three seasons. They have already won two titles in three years and are currently trying to win their third title in four years. No other team in the NBA can duplicate what the Heat have done, so there shouldn’t be a need for the Big Three to come to a premature end.

The Big Three has all the pieces to continue to win as well. I think the trio, if they continue to play together, can become the best trio of teammates of all time. As long as James is the best player in the world, the Heat will be in contention for NBA titles every year. I can see them winning at least 6 NBA titles together and they are already a third of the way there.

There are some complications as well. Wade is due $42 million over the next two seasons but the Heat may try and persuade Wade into another pay cut like they did in 2010.  However, if all three players want new max contracts, the Heat will be in a predicament they may not be able to handle. The Heat face becoming the first team to pay the new “repeater tax,” which could triple luxury-tax penalties from when the Big Three signed in 2010. Money is definitely standing in Miami’s way, but these guys may take less money to stick together and contend for championships.

All in all, the Big Three doesn’t need to split up after this season just because they have some options this summer, but realize what they have in Miami can’t be done anywhere else.