NCAA March Madness: Who will appear in the National Championship?

It’s down to the Gators, Badgers, Huskies and Wildcats- who will appear in the National Championship? As March Madness comes to its last games and the few correct brackets await their prizes, these four teams prepare for their big games.

It’s hard to pick one team over another in both matchups. All four teams have strong, versatile players as well as coaches seasoned in tournament action (except Kevin Ollie of UConn).

The No. 1 Florida Gators are favored by most to beat the No. 7 Connecticut Huskies. Early on in the season UConn defeated Florida with an exciting buzzer-beater shot. Being that it was a close game and both teams played up to the challenge, it shows that this game could go either way. It’s obvious that there is just the right amount of defensive talent on both teams to make for a tough matchup. Since 2000, Florida is 5-1 in their appearances in the Final Four. They are no stranger to the stress and competition of the tournament and usually rise to the occasion, playing strong through all the ups and downs of the game.

Florida Gators team huddle

Connecticut, on the other hand, may be able to defeat Florida with their ability to block shots at the basket. If UConn can keep this a low scoring game and keep their defense working as well as it has been, they can anticipate a win. Shabazz Napier, who ironically shot the buzzer-beating basket to win against Florida earlier this season, has the talent to guide his team to a win. With his stellar shooting, rebounding and assisting averages, Napier has the chance to run the court and to keep the Huskies on top.

Now to the West/Midwest matchup: No. 2 Wisconsin and No. 8 Kentucky will battle it out. This game is tricky because Wisconsin looks to be the winner when looking at numbers and stats. On the other hand, Kentucky is on a 10-0 NCAA tournament run. Additionally, the Wildcats’ rebounding and free throw skills are not to be overlooked. Although these aspects aren’t the flashy ones, anyone who has followed NCAA basketball this season knows free throws are a vital skill to have. Games tend to come down to free throws for the win. Additionally, when calculating missed free throws at the end of the game, usually they would have pushed the losing team over the edge and allowed them to beat their opponent.

Julius Randle

Wisconsin on the other hand has one of the best statistics when it comes to turnovers. They are not one to allow many turnovers in a game which gives them the ability to set the tempo on the court and be in control. The Badgers have beat top ranked teams this season such as Florida, Michigan, Michigan State and Virginia. Earning their No. 2 seed, Wisconsin has an array of high scoring players including Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker.

With all this in mind, this VCU fan is predicting Connecticut and Wisconsin in the National Championship.

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