Be patient Pirates fans, Tallion, Polanco and Lambo will be up soon

Three games into the season and the Pirates are 2-1. Many Pirates fans who have been upset with the Pirates lack of offseason moves have been begging the organization to give players like Andrew Lambo, Gregory Polanco and Jameson Tallion chances to spice up the team. Even after impressive spring trainings from all of them, the Pirate’s front office appears to be content with keeping them in the minor leagues.

I am okay with that. I do not want to see Lambo, Polanco and Tallion in the majors just yet. They are not ready and there is nothing that you can do worse to a player’s development than calling him to the Majors prematurely.

The Pirates have a great young core with players such as Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez. Those three compliment a fairly good and young pitching staff with Gerrit Cole at the helm. There is no rush for these prospects.

Lambo, a fourth round pick by Los Angeles is entering his eighth year as a professional baseball player after being drafted right out of high school. He has shown stints of great potential. He hit a combined 32 home runs last year in time between AA Altoona and AAA Indianapolis.

Polanco, the 13th rated prospect according to, is maturing way ahead of schedule. Polanco is a speed demon whose game is fairly similar to fellow Dominican Starling Marte. Both are specialists at getting on base.

Many fans have been dreaming about the possibility of having one of the fastest outfields in all of baseball with Marte, McCutchen and Polanco. The three would flag down a majority of fly balls that were hit to the outfield.

The final big prospect, Jameson Tallion, the second overall draft pick in 2010 is rated the 10th best prospect according to MLB. The right-handed pitcher seems to finally have his pitching under control and looked impressive in spring training. Many fans were hopeful that he would be able to earn a spot on the big-league club. He did get injured, but prior to that, the plan was for him to begin the season in AAA.

To the dismay of fans, neither of the three made the big-leagues out of spring training. Pirates management have been very consistent in their approach with all of their prospects in maintaining the same approach with all of their prospects, they will not bring any of them up until they are completely sure that they are ready.

The Pirates management have taken this approach with Gerrit Cole, Pedro Alvarez and Starling Marte. This plan has worked fairly well for them so far.

Be patient Pirates fans, the three prospects will be up this season and when they come up they will complete the Pirates rotation/lineup and make it one of the best young teams in the Majors. You need to trust the work that Neil Huntington has done and let him direct the ship.