Mexico Soccer: The trifecta; Javier Hernandez, Shinji Kagawa and Juan Mata impose their influence


The dynamic trio of Javier Hernandez, Shinji Kagawa, and Juan Mata imposed their influence in the 4-0 demolition of Newcastle United Saturday. It was a showcase of talent on display at St James Park, but it was the undervalued stars of Manchester United that stole the show.

Hernandez, Mata and Kagawa looked the perfect trifecta, sharing a unexpected chemistry and dominance over the game that may have gratified United fans. Starlets Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie were both unavailable for Uniteds visit to St James Park. With them out of the picture United fans might have expected the worse as the red devils had been displaying their worse form to date. Standing just 6th in the Premier League table behind Everton and outside of Champions League contention.

The red devils were in dyer need of improvement.

United certainly looked a different squad with the dynamic trio conducting the flow of the game.

The little pea was handed an unexpected start alongside Kagawa, two players who had failed to see much action with David Moyes as manager. It is uncertain what influenced Moyes’s decision to finally start Hernandez after so long but it certainly wound up paying off scoring a goal and adding an assist.

No question about it an angry pea looks to be an inspired one.

The anger of last week might have driven the little peas intensity up a couple of notches. And being handed his first start in so long Hernandez might have just been set on overdrive to rattle Moyes’s selection process in the future. The little pea just might have done that with his performance on Saturday.

The chemistry the trio shared was key and it might be the defining force in the second leg against Bayern Munich as it will inevitably decide Uniteds future. Still a difficult visit to Allianz Arena awaits the red devils, but certainly a refurbished Hernandez and Kagawa is great to have for a game of that magnitude.

The link up between Hernandez and Kagawa against Newcastle just might of fooled anyone into believing them habitual starters for the red devils, but thats not the case. Hernandez and Kagawa were both staking their claims with a club that has shown them very little respect. Sometimes players forget what they are capable of and just need the opportunity to reignite their abilities, there is no denying that the talent Hernandez and Kagawa have is still there.

The duo looks hungry to prove their worth. The chemistry the duo shared with Mata was stellar it seems a shame that come summer both Hernandez and Kagawa may drift away to new clubs far from Manchester.

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