Barcelona F.C. shows just how important Andres Iniesta is

Barcelona F.C.

Andres Iniesta

Barcelona F.C. tied against Atletico Madrid 1-1 for the first game of the Champions league’s quarter finals. The result wasn’t the best for the squad because Atletico Madrid managed to score and looking at how they defended on this past Tuesday, the goal could be crucial  for Barcelona on the next match.

The solution to penetrate Atletico de Madrid’s 11 men defensive line was Iniesta playing as a midfielder and not as a wing. Iniesta is a player who shines in the middle, his vision and creation skills allow him to excel better when Barcelona plays their usual possession game, but on the wings he looses exposure and he is not as effective.

The moment that Alexis Sanchez came in the field, Neymar moved to the left wing and Iniesta to the middle, the game changed completely. Iniesta was the answer to creating, when it all seemed lost and Atletico closed all space, Iniesta managed to create this magnificent defense-splitting pass to Neymar, who finished greatly to tie the game.

Fabregas is still not fitting in the type of game play Barcelona is trying to impose, he never has, and never will. Busquet has finally proven this season that he can form part of a crucial midfield, he can recover balls and also create chances on the first pass.

Atletico de Madrid is on the first place of La Liga, this is a reflection of the lack of competition that this league has. Atletico played Barcelona the way that any lower team would, they looked to be fighting to not relegate rather than playing to win. “Colchoneros” don’t lack the talent, they have plenty of amazing players that are capable of playing in any other great teams, but the Mourinho tactic used by Simeone is short of a defensive one, but yet it has proven to be effective.


If Atletico played their best against Barcelona in the first game, scoring one goal from a lone outside shot and then hiding inside their goal for the rest of the game, how are they going to play when they are at home? The best team is obviously Barcelona, or at least they are the ones that try to create game winning plays. When a team needs to win they have to go get the result, they simply cannot hide waiting for errors to occur, the best teams always create and execute.

Who will win?