Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving fires back

Kyrie Irving used Twitter on Friday night and the hardwood on Saturday night to fire back at the media. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard has been dealing with criticism about his play and rumors dealing with his future all season. Irving sent a strong message over the weekend that he has had enough with the constant speculation.

On Friday night, Irving sent out a series of tweets expressing his disgust with the articles rumoring his unhappiness in Cleveland. Irving asked the media to stop speculating about his future and putting out information that does not come directly from him. He said the reports are falsely representing his character and bringing negativity to the Cavaliers’ locker room.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving and teammates celebrating.

All season long there have been rumors saying Irving has wanted out of Cleveland for a long time and is unhappy with people attached to the organization. These individuals specifically being head coach Mike Brown and guard Dion Waiters. Although these speculations have been circulating like wild fire around the NBA, Irving has never once publically expressed wanting out of Cleveland.

In fact, he has done the opposite. Every time the subject gets brought up, Irving talks about his love for the team. Since, he was drafted fans of the Cavaliers have adored Irving, and he has shown nothing, but love back. Through Irving’s actions and words, it is obvious he is focused on winning in Cleveland and not thinking about leaving anytime soon.

Irving on Saturday night, dealt with the critics of his game on the court. The terms overrated, ball hog and selfish have been used recently to bash the third year point guard. There have been claims that Irving is a bad teammate and disliked by many Cavaliers.

To silence his critics, Irving put up 44 points and eight assists against the Charlotte Bobcats. He shot 16 of 31 from the field to score a career high. Irving was able to put up these numbers in only his third game back from a bicep injury.

In my opinion, the media needs to leave Irving alone, or at least stop the rumors. Of course he is going to have off nights and make some mistakes on the court, which is expected of a 22-year-old. And of course, reporters have every right to criticize his game when this happens.

The attacks on his character are unwarranted. As a Cleveland fan it becomes angering to read reports saying Irving wants to leave. Then find out that none of those comments came from Irving’s mouth.

Everyone needs to take a step back, and let Irving speak for himself on and off the court. This summer when the Cavaliers offer him a max contract is when Irving will finally be able to put these rumors to rest.