Golden State Warriors: Five reasons why Curry has taken the throne

It is time for people to cut the nonsense and realize Stephen Curry as the top point guard in the NBA.

It is time for people to cut the nonsense and realize Stephen Curry as the top point guard in the NBA.

Stephen Curry has taken his game to new heights and introduced a new style of point guard play in the process.  Here are five reasons why Curry has nabbed Chris Paul’s spot as the best point guard in the NBA:

1. Red Hot Shooting Touch

Curry is widely regarded as the best shooter in the NBA and sure does a good job of keeping up his reputation. On top of averaging 23.4 points (7th in the league) this season, Curry shoots 41.7 % from the three-point line. Don’t let that innocent baby face of his play tricks. Curry and the word “gun-shy” do not mix. This assassin attempts a league-leading 7.8 three-pointers a game and on average, makes 3.2 of those attempts.

Curry is a cold-blooded shooting guard, trapped in a point guard’s body, with an unmatched shooting ability. There is no other point guard in the league that can shoot like Curry and that is for sure. His NBA record 272 three-point field goals last year was definitely not a fluke.

2.  Terrific Passing

When Curry came into the NBA in 2009, he was known primarily as a scorer but since then, he has matured and honed his point guard skills in a major way. Long gone are the, “He is not a real point guard!” days. Curry is sixth in the NBA in assists with 8.4 helpers per game. He is not in the top five in the assists category but he averages nearly five more points than the top assists leaders ahead of him. The fact that Curry is able to get his teammates involved while maintaining his scoring prowess displays his versatility at the point guard position. The Golden State Warriors are pretty lucky to have a guy who goes out and gets them about 23.5 points and 8.5 assists per night.

3. Underrated Handles

It is quite clear that all NBA point guards can handle the rock, but Curry is in the upper echelon of point guards in terms of ball handling ability. In fact, Curry is probably one of the top 5 ball handlers that the league has to offer.

Check out some clips on the internet of ankle-breaking moves in the past couple of NBA seasons. Most likely, Curry’s face will pop up in multiple clips. Sure, there are guys like CP3, Kyrie Irving and Jamal Crawford who have defenders shaking in their shoes on a nightly basis. However, Curry has left his fair share of bodies on the hardwood as well. He’s an innovator when it comes to creating space and a terror in one-on-one matchups.

4. Basketball IQ

Curry’s awareness is on point. He plays the game like an old man. Not from a slow standpoint, but because of the spots he picks on the floor. Not to mention, the game is baked into his blood.

His father, Dell Curry, was a tremendous shooter in the NBA back in the late 80s and early 90s and the all-time leader in points (9,389) for the Charlotte Hornets. In the words of rapper Lil Wayne, Curry is “stuntin’ like his daddy” and puts his own spin on the game in order to thrive as a player.

5. No Conscience

Curry has no conscience whatsoever.… literally. There are few players that will put up eight three-pointers per game but that’s routine to Curry. Certain players in the NBA have an elite level of confidence and such confidence lies within Curry. Due to his extreme confidence, Curry downright steals the show and leaves fans in awe on multiple instances throughout the season.

This guy is a matchup nightmare for his opponents. He is hands down, the best shooter in the NBA right now. Aside from shooting, Curry is not the best in the NBA at anything but he is good at many things. Honestly, he is either better or just as good as other point guards in any statistical category possible. His defense definitely needs some work but because Curry’s other skills are so good, it overrides the negative aspects of his game. Trust that it will not be long until many individuals see Curry for what he is. The best floor general in today’s game.


  • yeahisaidspurs

    Nonsense. He’s not even in the top pg discussion, and shouldn’t be. Silly homer stuff.

  • Enricopallazzo

    love Curry but Derrick Rose is the best

  • Steve

    He is definitely money, but he does turn over the ball too much. I would say he is in the top 3 point guards in the NBA.

  • hookedonnews

    Don’t agree that he’s better than Chris Paul. He turns the ball over too much, and he makes a lot of 3’s because he shoots more 3’s than almost anyone else. Yes, he’s a great pure shooter, but he still hasn’t had a 50/40/90 season.
    There are a lot of good young PG’s. Damian Lillard for instance. Curry has improved as a PG, but he’s still a SG at heart. He’s a very good player, but if I had to pick between the two, I would take Paul.

    • Koka

      I hate people who think they know what they are talking about. SG dude? He once average 9.5 APG at one point in the season, what other SG does that? He finished the season w/ a smashing 24 PPG (Higher than any PG). Common sense, he shoots more 3’s because as crazy as it seems, It is his comfort zone. LeBron used to get criticized a lot because he was driving too much and his game was not as polished as Kobe’s or MJ’s. He has the ability to drive so he used that to his advantage Same with Stephen Curry. He shoots more 3’s because he’s a 40%+ shooter. He finished the season with 1.6 Steals and 8.5 assists oh and 4.3 RPG in the western conference. He does have a good supporting cast but not great. He should be able to avg 30PPG if he learns how to draw fouls and masters the art of slashing, like Harden or Bron or Durant.

      • hookedonnews

        Curry started as a SG in college, and scoring has always been his thing. He has tried to improve his passing and become a more complete player. Now maybe you think he’s a better PG than Chris Paul. I don’t, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a great player. I’ve never heard an NBA coach, former player, or commentator say they believe Curry is the best PG in the league. I’ve heard people say he may be the best shooter, however. A great PG does more than pass and shoot. He runs the offense. I just think Paul is a more complete player. He’s also a much better defender. I enjoy watching Curry play, and he will only get better. He needs to reduce his turnovers though.