Minnesota Vikings: Grading the free agency moves

The Minnesota Vikings have been content with signing low budget free agents this offseason. It’s surprising that Minnesota did not agree to terms with one superstar to help bolster a team that is in desperate need of some leadership.

Linval Joseph, Captain Munnerlyn, Derek Cox, Tom Johnson and Corey Wooten are going to be some new faces on defense, while Vladimir Ducasse will be a new face on the offensive line. Other than that, we will likely be seeing much of the same, as the Vikings resigned many of the guys that anchored the offensive side of the ball last season.

Is this going to be good enough to contend in the brutal NFC North Division next season?

The answer, in my opinion, is no.

I get the thinking behind all of these free agent signings, but this team needs a little more help. These new free agents are all supposed to eventually fit into coach Mike Zimmer’s system, but that is not going to happen right away.

It would have been nice to see DeSean Jackson in Purple and Gold.

Sure, most of these guys will probably work out in the long run, but the fans that are expecting a playoff run next season may be disappointed.

I believe the Vikings should have pursued Darrelle Revis, DeSean Jackson and Aqib Talib a little harder. Jackson ended up with the Redskins, a team that will likely struggle next season. The Vikings have a lot of the pieces that would have made Jackson a good fit, especially if they draft Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater in the NFL draft.

Revis or Talib would have complemented Munnerlyn very nicely in the secondary. The Vikings would have gotten Revis for a good price also. The team is in desperate need of veteran leadership on defense, especially in the secondary. They still don’t have that true leader in the secondary.

The Vikings did not go above and beyond in free agency this season, so I’ll give the signings a C. It would have been nice to land a proven veteran or superstar to improve the leadership on this team.

  • 3kolu

    You have to be realistic Andrew. Big names demand big money. And, it’s not if the team wants them, it’s if the player wants the team. The keys for this Vikings team is to get a better pass rush and get better secondary play, throw in Zimmer’s extensive blitz package and we have chaos. On offense it’s even simpler, create space for Adrian. They have Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kyle Rudolph Matt Kalil, John Sullivan and Phil Loadholt to help achieve that goal. And, finally they are in great position to land 4 or 5 impact players in one of the most talent-laden drafts in a while.

  • Mark Gilbert

    I hear that H. Walker is making a comeback,, maybe we can trade all of our draft picks and A peterson for him since that was about the extent of the last time we had him,,, since then I have had a real hard time with any of the Vikes decisions they do with trades and or free agency,,, think we will regret not keeping Allen,,, and I agree with needing to go after Revis and or Jackson,,,,,, forget the QBs and concentrate on OL and DL LBs and CB,,, next year will be the year to really go all out to get either Mariota or the kid from FSU maybe unless he is in jail…. The one QB that might be worthy of a look is the kid out of Fresno ST,,, Carr……. not sold on bridgewater… but only time will tell,,,, and Manziel is a wild card with a lot of upside as well as downside,,,, still think Bama QB may be the dark horse of the draft at QB along with Murray from “Georgia…… Bortles too is good athlete but I dont see anyone like Mariota here in the draft with arm strength and speed and height plus he added on more muscle this winter so he has gotten much bigger and stronger

  • Daniel Laxen

    I have been an outspoken fan on the subject of Spielman and his destruction of my favorite team. Since the Childress firing, who I wasn’t a big fan of anyway, this team has been a nickel and dime player in free agency. I understand the salary cap can’t be blown up, but signings that failed or are failing because of personnel are Slick Rick’s fault and no one else. Carlson, Jennings, Simpson haven’t lived up to their salary. Ponder’s shortcomings may account for some of this, but production has been less than adequate…Toot Spielman’s 1st round draft selection horn all you want, but his failure to bring in quality players after the 2nd round, and in rookie free agents, has been epic…The defense played with special teams quality and depth players at the starting positions most of the season…He’s the Dollar General Manager and the quality of the product is showing that with consistent results. Take away AP’s 2000 yard season and Spielman, in my opinion would no longer be the GM of ANY NFL team. He would be with his buddy Mayock commenting on draft day…

  • Andrew Koch


    I appreciate the feedback, but I believe the Vikings would have been better off going after Revis or Talib, not both. Yes, Rhodes is going to be very good, but I’m not sold on Robinson or Munnerlyn quite yet. It would have been nice to get someone like Revis, especially because he is a veteran and also a risk that could pay off for a lot of teams including the Patriots who signed him. I really feel like Revis would have revamped his career with Minnesota. I would have preferred him over Munnerlyn in a heartbeat.

  • Jason Mullen

    Umm…are you high? Captain Revis and Talib? So what are your plans with Rhodes and Robinson? Rhodes graded better than any rookie CB in recent history and Robinson showed promise when he wasn’t exiled to the slot position. I also find it humorous you mentioned the skins in your rant, as they’ve blown their load on free agency for years without result. Seriously, if you’re getting paid to write your opinion, you need to be let go.

    • Mikus

      100 percent agreed. Vikings struggled covering slot receivers and with the lack of a true nose tackle, they let teams run on us more than they should. With the addition of Captain who excels at covering the slot receiver, and a huge nose tackle in Joseph that can pass rush as well, I think the Vikings defensive line and secondary are way better off. Plus, moving Robinson back out wide on nickel downs instead of in the slot will help tremendously.

      • 3kolu

        Linval Joseph was a huge acquisition in the off-season and Captain Munnerlyn will give us that slot-presence we lost when we let Antoine WInfield go. This allows us to let the speedy, athletic Josh Robinson to return to the outside where he showed some potential in his rookie season. And, I’m convinced we’re going to grab a big corner in the middle rounds and some speed at LB early on.