MSU Football: Football, frustration and faith… Andrew Maxwell’s story

In this week’s Detroit Free Press column, I take a look at the experiences of the last two years of former Michigan State starting quarterback Andrew Maxwell. Maxwell gave a talk on the night of April 1 to the Spartan Christian Fellowship, a campus ministry group at Michigan State University, about how his life had come to be centered around three things: Football, Frustration, and Faith. As always, the article starts here and finishes at

It’s been a long two years for Andrew Maxwell.

Two years that have taken him on a ride from being the starting quarterback at a Big Ten University, to being the scapegoat in a difficult 2012 season, to being the guy pacing the sidelines as his team went on to a 13-1 record and Rose Bowl Championship season.

It’s not your typical storybook ending.

But yet, nearing the end of those two years, in the confines of Michigan State University’s Kedzie Hall, there was Maxwell, the former starting quarterback of the Michigan State football team, sharing a story nonetheless.

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Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell