North American LCS: week 11 recap

It was a long weekend in the North American LCS, with 16 games played over the last three days. There was a lot of action, but in the end the standings actually didn’t change at all. Cloud 9 HyperX pulled away to have a perfect super-week at 4-0, but other than them there was some very inconsistent play from the other teams. I managed to go 12-4 in my picks, three of my incorrect selections being Curse games. Here are some of the headlines from week 11:

Cloud 9 HyperX

Meteos, Cloud 9 HyperX

Cloud 9 establishes itself as the best

Cloud 9 finished yet another super-week perfect, bringing their season record to 24-4.  They showed that even when down, they can come back to win the game. This was evident yesterday in their comeback win against Coast. Just when it looked like Coast had it in the bag, Meteos (jungler, Cloud 9) was alone in Coast’s base and took out the Nexus uncontested for the victory. They’ve shown in this last half of the season that no matter how bad they play or how over matched they are, they find a way to win.

team solomid

Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid struggling with the 4.4 patch

The 4.4 patch for League of Legends came out three weeks ago (patch 4.5 is live now), but LCS just started playing on it in week 10. With the delay in when vision wards are available (now 120 seconds into the game instead of 90 seconds). This encourages more teamwork early game and less traditional lane phases. This has shown the weaknesses of TSM, and they have come back to bite them.

Dyrus played Shyvana all weekend, and I was less than impressed with that. He was a non-factor in some team fights and he was losing the top lane most games. All year, Bjergsen has been able to play at such a high level because the team has let him act almost autonomously of them.  With the new emphasis on team play, Bjergsen has almost been more of a hindrance than a help in team fights these last two weeks. He has also been singled out more than in the past due to his play. Even if he is targeted more, the team has struggled with the updates and has had inconsistent play all around. They need to work on this before the playoffs begin.

Evil Geniuses, XDG get some momentum heading into relegation

EG and XDG surprisingly had decent weeks this week. XDG picked up an upset victory over TSM, marking the struggles of TSM and giving XDG they’re 7th win. The most interesting thing with that victory is that XDG now has beaten every team once, making them 1-3 against all opponents.  Evil Geniuses managed to put together two victories this weekend, upsetting Curse and then beating XDG in the last game of the week. In the end both teams missed the playoffs, but at least they have some momentum before facing relegation in the Promotion Tournament at the end of the month.