Pittsburgh Steelers: Why the team should trade up in the draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently have the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft. However, if the Steelers want to make sparks fly they’ll trade up.

The Steelers have made some noise this offseason by signing multiple names during free agency. The team’s added defensive help by signing linebacker Arthur Moats, safety Mike Mitchell, nose tackle Cam Thomas and cornerback Brice McCain. On offense the team’s added depth to the receiving corps with Lance Moore and Darrius Hayward-Bey while picking up running back LaGarrette Blount.

The moves are far from over as the draft nears there’s many different roads the Steelers could take. One path the team might want to venture down (or should I say up) is a trading up from the 15th pick.

This draft has a lot of promising talent in various positions. The Steelers’ focus remains on drafting a receiver or addressing the defensive secondary.

Let’s take door number one, a receiver.

This year’s draft bolsters talent like Texas A&M’s, Mike Evans, Florida State’s Kelvin Benjamin, Clemson’s Sammy Watkins, Penn State’s Allen Robinson and many more.

The loss of receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery were tough to swallow but the additions of Moore and Hayward-Bey eased the burden slightly. The draft’s another area the Steelers might look to enhance Ben Roethlisberger’s arsenal.

The big-name receivers like Evans and Watkins are projected to go within the first 10 picks and wouldn’t be in the Steelers reach. If the team really wanted to get one of these young studs then they’d need to trade up. Evans or Watkins would provide tremendous help to the Steelers’ offense.

If they truly want a receiver who seems to be proven to be an immediate impact, trading up is a must.

On to door number two, a cornerback.Detroit Lions

Even though the Steelers were able maintain veteran cornerback in Ike Taylor, there’s plenty of helpful young talent provide much needed help to the Steelers’ defense.

Oklahoma State’s, Justin Gilbert, Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard, and TCU’s Jason Verrett are among the top prospects at the cornerback position.

The same stipulation apples to some of these corners. Gilbert and Dennard could very well be top 10 picks and again the Steelers would need to trade up in order to add them to their roster.

I personally think a cornerback should be the team’s priority especially after adding depth to the receiving corps during free agency. If the team traded up and got Gilbert it would be a excellent pick.

Unless the draft becomes quarterback-heavy and these skill positions fall into the later picks of the first round, the Steelers won’t get their hands on these players.

I do not believe the Steelers will trade up but it’s out there. The Steelers can still have a solid pick at number 15 but if they want one of the best position players in this draft, trading up is the only option.

  • Bob Graff

    I think this draft is pretty deep . I also think there will be a high quality corner available at 15 Verrett and as i’ve stated in other posts Bradely Roby are high quality. As far as WR goes finding a good one in the second round really shouldn’t be that hard. I really hope this is the direction they go.I also agree that every draft pick is needed , but they have to do better than they have done in the last few years.

  • wdhammer

    If they have a chance to draft Watkins at 10- most certainly..

  • Tumblindice58

    When a club is not positioned well for the draft it realy puts a focus on the ability of the front office on player evaluating,This is where the rubber truly meets the road and many great coach’s were able to build some great teams with varitable unknown names,The owners should be paying close attention,Chuck Knoll was pretty good at assembling talent!

  • Steelbeartrap

    The cost of moving up, I’m sure is far too high for one player when the Steelers need depth at several positions. Thus, every draft pick is valued and needed.

    • The Maestro

      The Steelers have been very active in free agency this year to provide needed depth (except for Mitchell who will be a starter) at important positions. And they have a few extra compensatory picks in this draft to help with depth also Drafting up using picks lower than the 4th round (not the compensatory picks) might help the Steelers select players in Rounds #1 and #2 and #3 who will be counted on to help them immediately this year. They need star players. If you look at last year’s All-Pro teams, you will find that they are filled mostly with #1 and #2 picks. Every draft pick is valued, of course, but when you get lower than Round #4, you are rolling the dice. The Steelers traded up to get Sharmako Thomas last year and he is projected to be a nickel or dime player so they have traded up. They also traded up to get Richard Colclough and Troy Polomalu so it can work both ways. If they can get a star WR or a star CB by trading up, it might be a good idea. Big Ben deserves it but the Steelers have always been a Defense First team so I look for them to go for a CB and if they have to trade up to do it, they should. WR is deep enough for them to wait until Round #2.