Why the Indianapolis Colts should trade up into first round


The 2014 NFL draft is now less than a month away with the festivities starting on May 8th. As of right now, the Indianapolis Colts won’t be starting until May 9th.

The Colts traded away their lone first round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for running back Trent Richardson who was far from productive in 2013, but that could change once he gets a full offseason learning the playbook and working on timing with the offensive line.

That being said though, the Colts need to trade their way back into the first round.

The biggest needs the Colts have to address are going to revolve adding help on the interior offensive line or giving quarterback Andrew Luck another weapon and drafting a receiver.

With only having five total draft picks this year and their first pick coming in the second round at 59 overall, the Colts would have to give up a player or two along with trading away that second round draft choice to a team who is willing to trade out of the first round.

Don’t be surprised if you see the New England Patriots to be one of those teams that make a deal with the Colts. The Patriots have been notorious over recent years to trade out of the first round to pick up many draft picks for later rounds.

When it comes to drafting an interior offensive lineman though, the Colts could be making a stretch if they trade their way into the first round for such a position.

The bulk of the offensive lineman that are projected to be drafted in the first round consists of tackles, not guards and centers. So if the Colts were planning to trade up into the first round to draft an interior lineman, their best range is towards the latter part of the round, preferably between picks 25-32 with the Patriots being the most likely trade partner at pick number 28.

Now if the Colts were thinking of drafting a productive receiver, their option is to find a way to trade into the middle of the first round, probably around picks 14-19.

Wide receivers such as Marqise Lee and Odell Beckham Jr. are guys that could make great compliment receivers to the young and speedy wide receiver T.Y. Hilton for the future and to give Luck another weapon at his disposal.

To add on to that as much as I love wide receiver Reggie Wayne, his years are indeed numbered. Don’t get me wrong, he is still one of the best in the game and one the Colts cannot afford to lose as far as being a mentor to Hilton and future receivers, but they do need to start addressing guys to fill his spot at some point.

If the Colts want to try and make a splash in this year’s draft, the only way they can do that is by finding a way to get back into the first round.

  • Tommy Cooksey

    If the colts trade up it should be for a Safety. they can pick up a decent C or G in later rounds. WR is a need but we have plenty of talented weapons for Luck to throw to. Dont forget Allen will be back and he is a stud TE.

    • Ryan Dunne

      Yeah a safety is needed, but they could find decent one in the later rounds as well.