76ers make final roster move; sign Adonis Thomas

The number 23 may be considered one of the most popular numbers ever in professional sports.  This number is well known in NBA history as it was worn by arguably the greatest player ever; Hall-of-Famer Michael Jordan.

Even LeBron James, who will go down as one of the best NBA players all time, wore the number 23 in his first seven years as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Not only is the number 23 an important jersey number, it also has significance to the 2013-2014 Philadelphia 76ers.

Yesterday, the Sixers signed Adonis Thomas to a 10-day contract, the 23rd different Sixer to suit up for a game this season.  Only one other time did the Sixers have this many players, as they had 24 throughout the 1995-1996 season (Sixers finished 18-64).

Thomas playing for the Memphis Tigers (www.rantsports.com)

Thomas playing for the Memphis Tigers (www.rantsports.com)

The move may come as a surprise to many considering there are only five games remaining in the season.  However, it is another short opportunity for a professional caliber player to show what he can do.

The Sixers decided to not sign guard James Nunnally for the remainder of the season.  Nunnally had his chance with two 10-day contracts, but now it is Thomas’ turn.

Just like most of the players on the Sixers current roster, Thomas is in his first year and looking to earn a legitimate spot on the team for next season.

“I just want to bring that defensive intensity, make shots, and make plays,” said Thomas.  “I want to come in and show that I am a talented player with a lot of potential.”

Thomas is aware of the Sixers current circumstances and realizes what he has to do to prove himself as a competitor.  At this point of the season, it is not about wins, but which players will put in the necessary work to make a name for themselves. 

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Along with Thaddeus Young, Arnett Moultrie, and Elliott Williams, Thomas is from the Memphis area.  He played college ball at the University of Memphis and led his team to the NCAA Tournament in 2013. 

Following two seasons at Memphis, Thomas entered the draft but was not selected.  Most recently, Thomas was given two 10-day contracts with the Orlando Magic, but failed to make the team for the rest of the season.

Thomas more than likely will not be a player that the Sixers will consider keeping for next season, but it does not hurt to take a chance and see what abilities he possesses. 

As a player, Thomas uses his size well which allows him to create around the basket and is an average shooter.  For his size, he has the ability to run the floor and has good court vision, which results in him being able to take care of the ball and avoid turnovers.

However, he is very underdeveloped with his overall skillset which will pose a problem in the league.  Also, he has battled injuries throughout his collegiate career which may make it tough for him to stick around with a team long-term.

Even though he has received criticism about his overall game and his future as an NBA player, no one will truly know until he steps on the court.  The Sixers next three games are on the road against Toronto, Memphis, and Charlotte, back home against Boston, and then they close it out on the road against Miami.

Four out of the five opponents are over .500, so it will be tough for Thomas to show his full potential.  Nonetheless, he will get an opportunity to play and make the most of it when his number is called.

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