PGA Tour: why Masters week is the greatest week of the year

Augusta National is arguably one of the most beautiful sporting arenas in the world. With winter still lingering in some parts of the country, the south is ready to provide an escape for the northerners still stuck in the snow. With bright green grass and beautiful azaleas adding a pop of color to the course, it is a golfer’s heaven.

Those who aren’t lucky enough to actually attend the tournament will tune in and enjoy the breathtaking views, the amazing display of talent and pure entertainment. PGA Tour fans will daydream of being in Georgia all week. At least I know I will be.

Masters week is the greatest week of the year for many reasons. With March Madness over, this week belongs solely to golf. This weekend eyes will be glued to ESPN and CBS following the leaderboard as closely as they can, trying to predict a champion. Some may even have Masters viewing parties, similar to Super Bowl parties but featuring Pimento Cheese sandwiches, a Masters tradition.

Masters apparel will be worn to work and school; some may even take off from daily responsibilities diagnosing themselves with “Masters fever”. But why all of this hype for just another PGA Tournament? There are other PGA Majors- what is so special about The Masters?

This tournament is unique in the fact that it is invitation-only, therefore the field is made up of the best golfers on tour. Once you have won the Masters, you are given a lifetime invitation to play in the tournament. This is a prestigious and great honor. I would think that this is the tour player’s favorite tournament to play in too. It is the most competitive of all the tournaments on the circuit with the significance of winning a green jacket being the best prize on tour.

The Masters is one of the most family oriented tournaments on the schedule. With its perfect timing right before the Easter, a family oriented holiday, this tournament is a chance for parents to teach their children about this history of golf. That is exactly what Augusta is- the history of the game has played out on those hallowed grounds.

Great things have happened at Augusta and each year more people attend or tune in across the country to see what will happen this year.

For a golfer like myself, The Masters makes me fall in love with golf all over again. There is so much passion associated with it because of the significance of the green jacket. When I watch how much the pros prepare for this tournament, it motivates me to become more dedicated to my game. In fact, while watching the tournament I suddenly get the itch to head to the golf course and play.

The Masters makes the sport of golf relevant. Many sports fans have negative feelings towards golf on TV, claiming it is boring; not this tournament. The Masters is followed more closely than any other golf event, with the possible exception of the Ryder Cup.

Most tournaments on tour are viewed by the public beginning Saturday and lasting sometimes until Sunday; however, The Masters is followed all week. From the practice rounds on Monday and Tuesday to the Par 3 contest on Wednesday, these features of The Masters sets it apart from other events. The par 3 contest is a family affair, with player’s children and other family members caddying.

Even if you are at work or school, you have the option of streaming the tournament online starting at 3pm daily.

I know where I will be 3pm on Thursday for round 1. Sitting right in from of my TV ready to enjoy the wonderful exhibition of play from some of the world’s best golfers.