San Francisco 49ers: Trading up in the draft

San Francisco 49ersAs the 2014 NFL draft inches closer and closer the San Francisco 49ers find themselves with 11 total selections, 6 of which belong in the first 100 picks.  Figuring what to do with all those draft choices in no easy task but one thing is a given: the front office needs to do everything in its power to move up and draft a difference maker.

The 49ers have been oh-so-close to winning the Super Bowl the last two seasons and nothing stings more than watching the Seahawks win it first.  Trent Baalke and company has done a great job stockpiling draft picks and with the wide receiver and conerback positions deep and talented as they are, San Francisco needs to make sure that they draft a somebody that is ready to make an impact for a championship-caliber team.

At this point Sammy Watkins is a pipe dream.  This guy is slated to go in the top five and moving from 30 to number five is not very realistic.  Stranger things have happened and should a situation arise where Watkins falls to number eight, then the 49ers must be aggressive and try to land him.

Getting a guy like Mike Evans would be a more likely scenario (although still a long shot).  He is clearly the second best receiver on the board and at 6-foot-5 with great speed and good hands he can do some damage specially when stacked against that Seattle secondary.  Should Tampa Bay pass on him at number eight and Detroit at number 10, then San Francisco should immediately try to strike a deal with Tennessee to snatch him at number 11.

This same type of aggressive should be applied to a player like Justin Gilbert.  This guy is an absolute athletic freak at the cornerback position and at 6 feet tall, he is also very big and very physical and can go up against any number one receiver in the league.

Bottom line, the 49ers are still one of the most talented teams out there but they still have holes at wideout and corner and with their championship window wide open, they need to go all in and try and get somebody that could potentially help San Francisco get over then hump.  Watkins, Evans, and Gilbert all posses the talent to do that and the time is not to move up and select any of these guys.

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  • Ronald Rupert

    I still say go get Evans, and if they can’t get Evans, then go after, Matthews.

  • afannaz

    apparently no one ever suggested proofreading your work before submitting it for publication (Balkee?)…well, they have now!