Wisconsin Basketball: Aftermath of a Final Four loss

Emotions are at their purest once everything is sacrificed. Whether it’s the glory of victory, or anguish of defeat; one can truly understand these feelings once everything is invested.

In sports, the greatest moments are created not just by the plays themselves, but by the reactions of the world around them. That’s why we love it; thats why I love it. I may be a microcosm in the landscape of sports but when my team wins, I feel apart of it, and I know you do too.

That’s why we felt our hearts rip at the site of Kentucky storming mid-court of AT&T Stadium. It was the realization that it was all over. Sure 346 other schools face the same fate, but when you’re that close to the top, the fall can be back breaking.

We were there when UW blasted through their first 16 games. We dealt with the struggles of late January. It was us that provided the stepping stool into the Sweet Sixteen. Then on Saturday, with seconds remaining, Aaron Harrison seized everything. At the peak of seasons excitement, the five month thrill ride of Wisconsin basketball had slammed its breaks.

Now usually, after a tough loss I get the sense of anger, but Saturday was different. I was saddened of what could of been. Saddened by the future. Could Wisconsin be in for yet another decade long drought from the Final Four?

Maybe if Josh Gasser defended a step closer Harrison he would of missed. Or if Traevon gave up the ball the last shot would have gone in. The more you reminisce, the more “what if” situations arise.


Well once you’re done dwelling over the past, take second to appreciate what these Badgers have done. Think back to the site of State Street as Bo Ryan Ryan had finally taken the Badgers to Final Four. These Badgers sent the whole state of Wisconsin into a frenzy.

We’ve grown in love with the Wisconsin men’s basketball. From Nigel Hayes’ “Nigel Burgundy” videos to Frank Kaminsky throwing up the “Dirty Dub.” It’s been a treat to watch these students enjoy themselves as they grow as a team. It brings the student out of all us.

Now we will have to wait eight months until we get a taste of next years team. One that has already been projected to make it to Indianapolis for 2015’s Final Four. Ben Brust will be the only major contributor leaving; that is if Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky elect to stay another year.

So cheer up Badger fans and enjoy what 2013-14 had to offer. Seasons like that don’t come by often. Before you know it it’ll be November; then the fun starts all over again.