WWE: Why Lesnar shouldn’t have beaten the streak & who should’ve

At WrestleMania 30 the unthinkable happened. Brock Lesnar snapped the longest running streak in sports entertainment. Lesnar pinned The Undertaker at WrestleMania, ending his winning streak.

Lesnar’s win is historical. No one expected Lesnar to end The Deadman’s streak. After the three-count you could hear a pin drop in the Super Dome (or the Silver Dome, Brother). The silence spoke volumes and the WWE Universe’s facial expressions were priceless.WWE

In one of the biggest upsets in WrestleMania, wait, WWE history, The Phenom’s incredible streak came to end at the hands of The Beast Incarnate.

Was this the right move though? Why Lesnar? Why end the streak at all?

Wouldn’t having The Undertaker ride off (maybe on his motorcycle) into the sunset with an undefeated, legendary streak make perfect sense when he’s ready to call it a career?


Ending the streak was the right move. Lesnar being the one to do so was not.

Lesnar, like the Undertaker, is a part-time superstar for this business. He wrestles big-time Pay-Per-Views and makes limited appearances on RAW. Why have someone who isn’t always around end such a historical career and streak?

I don’t know why. A lot of arguments can be made that a younger, up-and-coming superstar should’ve been the one to end The Deadman’s streak. Someone who’s around all the time, a superstar that could be catapulted to the top after such an accomplishment.

I can see this point and it’s valid but still having a guy like Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt or Cesaro ending the streak wouldn’t be the answer either. There’s one superstar that should’ve ended the streak and been The Undertaker’s final opponent at WrestleMania.

WWEJohn Cena.

Cena’s the WWE’s number one. He’s been the company’s face, top baby face and workhorse for years now. He’s always around and despite his character’s decline, except amongst children, he’s always going to be the guy WWE can count on.

There isn’t a whole lot that Cena hasn’t accomplished in the WWE. However, facing The Undertaker is one of them and it looks like it’ll never happen either.

Think about it. Cena and The Undertaker could put on a hell of match while the buildup for it would be outstanding.  No one would want Cena to be the one to end the streak and when he did, the outrage would be through the roof.

It’s something Cena could add to his already long, lustrous career and he’d be around on to bask in the glory. It would even open the door to something everyone’s been craving for years, a heel turn.

WrestleMania 30 saw Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock stand inside the squared circle. Legendary superstars who’s reputation will be forever enshrined in WWE’s history.

I’m sorry, but Cena belongs inside that ring with those names. He’s been this generation’s Hogan. When the younger generation thinks of WWE, Cena comes to mind. He’s carried the company just like Hogan, Austin and The Rock.

The Undertaker’s final WrestleMania match should’ve been against Cena.

The Undertaker apparently told the company he wanted Lesnar to end the streak. The Undertaker has total control of his character and allowing Lesnar to pin him and end the streak was his call.

I don’t get it but I can live with it. It’s interesting and although the match wasn’t exactly “Shawn Michaels versus Taker caliber” but the ending was something special.

The emotion felt when the Undertake loss proved just how invested people can be with WWE. It’ll be interesting to see where the story lines go for Lesnar and if we’ll ever see The Undertaker wrestle again, but for now, the steak stands at 21-1 and that’s, that.