Why the Denver Broncos should stay at the 31st pick

Ever since a heartbreaking blowout loss in the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos have had to face some very serious realities.

The first reality is that there is no way that this team can win a Super Bowl if it continues to rely on aging superstars.  They may be good enough to get to the big game, but the throttling in the Super Bowl proved that they couldn’t win the big game.

The Broncos have a chance to get a starter with the 31st pick without giving up anything in return, so why should they trade up or down?

The Broncos have a chance to get a starter with the 31st pick without giving up anything in return, so why should they trade up or down?

Another reality is that the defense just isn’t as good as it was during the Broncos run in 2012.  Whether it was due to aging, injuries or just overall poor play can never really be determined, but it is clear that for the Broncos to win they are going to need younger talent on the defense.

A third and final reality was that the offense wasn’t as elite as it appeared to be.  Yes, Peyton Manning and company tore apart inferior teams during the regular season and even into the playoffs, but when the big boys came to play the Broncos’ offense looked like a high school team trying to move the ball against Alabama.

For the most part, the Broncos have addressed those needs in the offseason.  They did sign another aging superstar in DeMarcus Ware, but that move makes sense in the context that the Broncos have a young superstar across the line from him with Von Miller.  To further improve the defense the Broncos also secured a stud safety in TJ Ward.

When Eric Decker left, the Broncos acted quickly and decisively by picking up Emmanuel Sanders, a player that I fully believe will be able to pick up where Decker left off last season.

So now all that the Broncos have left to do is address their remaining needs through the draft.  I recently helped isportsweb with their draft predictions, in which I had the Broncos drafting Ohio State secondary player Bradley Roby.  I wrote that before the acquisition of Ward, but I still think that Roby would be a great pickup for the Broncos if he was on the board at 31.

However, I don’t see any reason for the Broncos to trade up in this draft.  With the exception of outside linebacker and maybe offensive line (Ryan Clady will be healthy next season, hopefully) the Broncos have done a great job of covering up their weaknesses in the offseason.

I can’t see any players in the Broncos range of picks that would be worth trading to get if I’m being completely honest.  If I’m forced to highlight some potential moves, the Broncos could in theory make a trade up to try to get Cyrus Kouandjio out of Alabama if they are looking to build offensive line depth, but there is potential that he could be around when the Broncos pick anyway. The Broncos could also try to move up for a higher profile linebacker like Ryan Shazier or CJ Mosley.

I also don’t think that it is realistic to think that the Broncos will move down.  In all honesty, there should be plenty of talent left at the positions that the Broncos need help in when the 31st pick comes around.  The Broncos are seriously lacking in some spots and they need to take the best players they can get at 31.  If they move down they will lose the possibility of securing a potential opening game starter.

The Broncos are great where they are with the 31st pick.  They are secure enough that they don’t need to move up, but they are lacking enough not to move down.

  • Thomas Hiley III

    In my opinion I would stay with the 31st pick and pick the best available player if they feel he’s worth that pick, but if a team is willing to come up from the second round the offer would have to be a high second round pick and a mid second and also a third. The only teams I could possibly see doing that are those who skipped on a quarterback in the first round who really needed one.

  • John Richards

    still say trade out 1 st round for a 3 rd this year and first next this draft is deep next year could use two first rounders we will be picking 32 next year!

  • John Ekberg

    I could see them moving down if someone like Minnesota or Oakland passes on a QB in the first round and wants to jump back into the first round to get a specific QB. Kouandijo should be available early 2nd round as his stock is somewhat slipping. And the more other teams reach for need, the more talent will fall for the Broncos. So, if there are a lot of good fits that seem to fall to Denver at 31, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back down a couple spots and secure a pair of later draft picks. Would help them financially as well not having to pay a first round pick