MSU basketball: Lacey Holsworth, a Spartan worthy of all the praise

I probably shouldn’t even be writing this right now — but I have to get my thoughts out so I can actually get some work done today.

I simply can’t get Lacey Holsworth, Adreian Payne and the entire Holsworth family out of my mind.

I see her as she stands with Payne and her family on senior night in East Lansing. Always smiling.

Adreian and Lacey with her family on senior night. (David Harns/

(photo: David Harns/

I see her as she holds up the net with Payne at the Big Ten Tournament Championship in Indianapolis. Always smiling.

Lacey Holsworth with Adreian Payne after the Big Ten Tournament Championship in Indianapolis. (David Harns/

(photo: David Harns/

I see her dad carrying her around the Buffalo Wild Wings in East Lansing during her fundraiser. Always smiling.

Lacey, with her mom and dad at the Buffalo Wild Wings in East Lansing. (David Harns/

(photo: David Harns/

I see her posing for pictures with strangers. Always smiling.

Lacey Holsworth posing for a picture with attendees at her fundraiser in East Lansing. (David Harns/

(photo: David Harns/

I see her dad put her down and watch her run to her best friend, Adreian, as he walks into the restaurant. I see him pick her up and hug her and hold her in his arms. Always smiling.

Adreian holds Lacey at her fundraiser at the Buffalo Wild Wings in East Lansing, MI. (David Harns/

(photo: David Harns/

We in the sports world talk about overcoming adversity a lot — as if erasing a 10-point lead actually means a damn thing in the overall scheme of things. You know who’s overcoming real adversity right now?

The Holsworth family is.

Adreian Payne is.

Right now, the Holsworths are doing what no family should have to do — they are making preparations for their 8-year old daughter’s funeral. It’s most definitely not fair. If you’re like me, you’re probably trying to figure out what you can do to help. Here’s what I’m going to do. Feel free to join me:

1. Say a prayer for their family today.

2. Spend some real time with your kids today. Hug them, kiss them and hold them.

3. Do what you can for the non-famous little boy or girl in the cancer ward at your local hospital.

I will never forget Lacey Holsworth.

Every time I see Adreian Payne highlights during his NBA career, I will think of her smile. Every time I read a news article about his latest accomplishments, I will remember her. To me, Princess Lacey lives on in the life of her best friend, Adreian.

Thank you Holsworth family, for sharing your daughter with us all. Her smile inspired me.

May God give your family peace.

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