Chicago Cubs: The unthinkable option would be the wrong one


The Wrigley Field rooftop owners want the view, the Chicago Cubs want the renovations.

The Cubs have had discussions with the city about adding a 650-square-foot Wrigley Field sign  that could potentially block the view from the rooftops.

As a kid, there was that word your parents told you not to say. And if you said it, you’d have to put a quarter in the jar.

Well, the organization owes a quarter.

According to CBS Chicago’s senior columnist Dan Bernstein, the Cubs are having internal conversations about moving elsewhere. It’s the option neither side wanted brought up.

So much for that  100-year celebration.

It doesn’t make sense for the Cubs to move unless the franchises’ limited success is an excuse to get out. And even that shouldn’t be a reason. Manager Rick Renteria took over a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008 and it doesn’t have a clear-cut star on its roster.

Renovations would obviously modernize Wrigley Field, but this isn’t some start-up stadium.

People come from across the country to see the historic Wrigley Field sign, not the Cubs. If you suck the history out of the Cubs, they’re left with a team that hasn’t won a World Series since 1908 and a new ballpark that will look like U.S. Cellular Field did last season.

And if you suck the Cubs out of Wrigleyville, it’s just a city with a string of bars like any other area. This franchise needs to hold onto the best part it has left and build on it the right way. In 2004, the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series title since 1918…when it ironically beat the Chicago Cubs in six games.

Boston didn’t destroy its iconic stadium by renovating the Green Monster and the Cubs shouldn’t destroy their iconic stadium by ruining the view from the rooftops. It’s not like the conversation involves an in-ground swimming pool out in centerfield or a ferris wheel in left. We’re talking about a franchise that would let Budweiser endorse itself, ruining a tradition.

The rooftops make Wrigley Field, Wrigley Field makes the Cubs. If the team improves, imagine this.

It might be hard, but close your eyes and imagine the Cubs winning the World Series inside Wrigley Field…from the rooftops.

Would you want it any other way?

  • Jack F

    “The rooftops make Wrigley Field, Wrigley Field makes the Cubs.”

    Some how I’m missing something here. Wrigley Field is 100 years old and the Cubs have been there for 98 years. Yes, Wrigley Field does make the Cubs. The rooftops came along in the 1990s, now explain to us all how these guys make Wrigley Field.

  • Chris

    The Red Sox actually did renovate Fenway so that point is completely inaccurate. I think the only people who think the rooftops are an essential part of Wrigley are either people who have never been or the wealthy yuppies that go there. Real Cubs fans honestly don’t give a damn. The point of Wrigley Field is to house the Cubs as they attempt to win baseball games. That aspect is more important to me than the opinions of tourists from outside of Chicago.

  • Tom

    This article reads like it was written by a man with the mentality of a child and the memory of a gnat. ”The roof tops make Wrigley Field”, are you serious? Well John, I’m not sure if you are laboring under the dilution that the day the Babe famously ”called his shot” in game 3 of the ’32 series that there were hoards of yuppies covering the rooftops outside Wrigley Field, but let me clear something up for you. There weren’t. Saying that the rooftops are tied to anything other than greed and maybe the last twenty five years of the parks history, is like saying the history of the Cubs franchise begins and ends with Sammy Sosa. Please John, step away from the keyboard your making a fool of yourself.

    • Charles

      I agree with you totally. What this writer failed to mention was that the ‘Green Monster’ is a wall, that cost little to upkeep and doesn’t suck money opprotunities from the team.
      I am on teh bandwagon on the belief that Night Games are what is a big factor in holding the Cubs back as well as piss poor talent (GM, manager and players). Pull the team OUT of the neighborhood and put it in a park…..or if the Rooftop owners want to act like a coorporation, then ‘hotile takeover’ their butts, bullboze the buildings and expand.

  • whoman69

    Holding onto a tradition that is cutting back your success is a losing move. Perhaps the Cubs should do the smart thing and just build a new stadium. One of the main reasons they have not won is because of Wrigley. Since they play way more day games than any other team, they wear down more quickly. They had 4 future Hall of Famers on their team in the early 60s and finished in the “second division” of the standings every year.

  • Craig

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the rooftop owners or the Wrigley neighborhood. They’ve got a cash cow right now that they’re abusing and holding hostage. They should be bending over backwards to keep the Cubs happy. Without the Cubs, that neighborhood will soon turn into a hole. And holding onto a tradition like the one Wrigley has given the Cubs is worth what? You referred to it – the Cubs have NEVER won a world series in Wrigley. You want rooftops? Build a stadium and a neighborhood in the ‘burbs. You don’t think people won’t line up and pay millions to live in and develop that area? You don’t think fans will come to games there? Comparing the Cubs to the Sox is ignorant. The Cubs’ fanbase is much, much larger…and any “fans” we lost with this move would be the trash that come to the games day after day for the social gathering, the beer, and the birthday cakes in the outfield. These people think they owe the place…and yet they know nothing about the game of baseball. Move…yesterday. The team will win, the Cubs will be more profitable, and the stadium IQ will double.

  • kdawg

    I just want the cubs to win it all and I don’t care about the roof tops as long as the owners can bring in the needed revenue to do it and bring the cubs into the 21st century. I love Wrigley but it takes moving then be it.

  • Robert J.

    ….the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918 in 2004. Hard to just gloss over that one…it was a pretty big deal.

  • E. Oliver Scott

    You know what I WANT!!!! I want restrooms on the upper level. Right now it is like going to the “LITTLE ROOM” put back, you know the ol’ two- holer!!!! I, also want FOOD stands on the this level also. Of course, I guess the people of Chicago don’t give a DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!