WWE: Wrestlemania 30 sets stage for new era

We are entering an excited time in the WWE. New faces are rising to the top and more new faces are coming onto the scene.

It all started at Wrestlemania 30.

The show started with the three biggest stars to ever step into the ring all together at one time. It was a nostalgic moment for any fan that has watched since the first Wrestlemania. Even for me, who has only been really watching the past few years, it was an incredible moment. That was about it for the WWE relying on the past.

Going through the night, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan (twice), and The Shield all won. Brock Lesnar did the unthinkable by beating the streak. The only time the “past” of the WWE won was John Cena beat Bray Wyatt. That should not of happened, but Bray Wyatt still made Cena do something that I didn’t think I’d ever see Cena do and that’s make him contemplate not doing the right thing.

The following night on RAW, the WWE did more to ensure that the future of this company was beginning to lead us into a new era of WWE. It may have shown that the days of Cena, Orton, and part timers being at the top of the industry may be on their last days.

Let’s start with Cena. For weeks he has been doing what fans have wanted him to do for years. They want to see Cena put over john_cenayounger talent. His legacy can’t really get much higher. The kids love him and he’ll always be respected by the WWE Universe, so it’s time for the Leader of the Cenation to put over younger talent.

That is exactly what he’s been doing.

He cut a few promos before his rivalry with Wyatt saying that the next generation of superstars must go through him. That was refreshing to hear, because he is finally seeing that the younger generation has to begin to come in. He may have beaten Wyatt at Mania, but it seems like they are on pace for a rematch at Extreme Rules that Wyatt will likely win.

Daniel Bryan’s memorable night at Wrestlemania 30 shows that he may be the next face of the company. It’s funny because a year ago he was part of Team Hell No and nobody considered him a potential heir to Cena’s throne.

I looked at his win and compared it to Chris Benoit’s win at Wrestlemania 20 (they were very, very similar) and I began to second guess my opinion of him being the next face. Then I thought a bit again. Yeah Benoit beat two of the three best we’ve ever seen in one match, and it was special, but that was the same time as Cena’s rise began.daniel bryan wrestlemania 30

Benoit also never captivated a crowd the way Bryan does with his Yes chant, which is why I think Bryan has the fan base behind him enough to make him the next big star.

Cesaro is another youngster who I think will be main event Wrestlemania one day. He was seemingly on the way towards a push before Wrestlemania 30, but after the he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal by body slamming Big Show over the top rope, he is on his way to the top.

Add that to him now being the newest Paul Heyman guy, he is on the way to being a megastar.

The Shield is also getting the respect they deserve. They look to be heading to a feud with Evolution. Is there a bigger opportunity for a three man team than to beat Evolution? It is great for Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose, three superstars that have the potential to be main eventers.The Shield

Also on RAW Monday night, Paige shocked the building by beating AJ Lee for her Divas Title. I know many don’t think much of the diva’s division, but I have watched what Paige can do on NXT and she is a great talent. People have said for months that she is the only diva who is really at AJ’s level of talent.

More NXT people are on the way as well, with promos for Adam Rose (his entrance is awesome) and Bo Dallas. Alexander Rusev finally debuted on RAW and he looked like he has a lot of potential in the ring.

And with all of this going on, there’s one question that people have began to stop asking: where’s CM Punk?

Obviously WWE fans miss Punk, but we were all shown at Wrestlemania 30 that the WWE doesn’t need CM Punk. It would be great to see him return, but he isn’t a necessity anymore. I think he deserves some credit for what is happening in the WWE. When he left, the WWE scrambled and did not know what to do. Eventually, they figured it out, and they decided to set up the future.

Maybe Punk left because he wanted to give superstars like Bryan and Cesaro their chance to rise, maybe he didn’t. We probably will never know, but we can at least sit back and enjoy the WWE going in a direction that looks like it will be a lot of fun.