Why the Kansas City Chiefs should trade down in the first round

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs should look to acquire extra picks in this year’s draft to provide help and depth in needed areas.

With a 11-5 record in the 2013 season, the Kansas City Chiefs have the potential to have an even better season in 2014. With the departure of numerous offensive lineman as well as many in the secondary, the Chiefs are going to need to reload the roster this year through the draft, and without a second round pick, the smart move is to trade back and acquire an extra pick or two.

More for less

The Chiefs do not draft thus year until the 23rd pick in the first round. My advice to the front office would be to trade back and try to acquire an additional second round pick in order to bring their total draft picks up to seven.

The 2014 draft is very heavy on wide receivers. The Chiefs need help at this position and with the quality of players at this position entering the draft, I believe drafting a guy in the first round that they could possibly get in the second may not be the smartest thing to do.


Depth is extremely crucial in the National Football League. It is a given that eventually some  starters will be plagued with injuries throughout the season. The Chiefs cannot pick which games their star players miss, so when they do miss games it is important to have quality players to step in. Many of the league’s greatest players were not very high draft picks. The Chiefs have had a lot of success with players drafted in the middle rounds of the draft, developing them into every-down players. I believe this is the approach the Chiefs need to take this year as well.

The core of the Chiefs squad is a solid unit. Hopefully through the draft this year, the Chiefs can get some players that could be key pieces into another playoff berth in 2014.

If the Chiefs were not to trade down in this year’s draft, they would only have one pick in the first two rounds. That would mean all but the first pick of the acquired players would come from the middle and late rounds of the draft.

An ideal situation

The Chiefs only have a total of six picks heading into May’s draft: the 23rd overall, one in the third, one in the fourth, one in the fifth, and two in the sixth. Preferably I would like this number to be closer to eight; with seven being sufficient if that is all that can be done.

Like I said earlier, depth is key in the NFL. I am a big advocate of picking players through the draft rather than signing them through free agency. Late round picks may not be as glamorous as high-dollar free agents, but the team they are drafted by is the first organization they will play for and in turn it will be easier to get them to work towards the team and organizational goals without past knowledge of others.

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