New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis injuries a concern?

Back injuries are one of the worst set backs a basketball player at any level can encounter. Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans is having major back issues and could certainly set him back in the future. Anthony-Davis-goes-up-and-over-Andrea-Bargnani.-Anthony-Gruppuso-USAY-TODAY-Sports

Davis has a bright future nonetheless, however, back issues can stick with a player for quite sometime. Davis hasn’t had that many health issues this season. That can’t be said about his teammates. Jrue Holiday, Ryan Anderson, and Jason Smith all have been out for the season due to injuries. Now Davis is considered to be out for the rest of the season and Eric Gordon will sit the final games as well.

The NBA season is a long one and players are going to get banged up. The Pelicans need to pray that Davis’s back injury doesn’t stick with him until the end of his career. At 20 years old, an injury could put a stop to his all-star career.

Is this a type of injury that the Pelicans have to keep an eye on? Of course it is. Davis is the new up and coming star of the NBA, and this type of back injury could set him back for sometime.

Pelicans coach Monty Williams said, “Davis has been dealing with spasms and soreness but there is nothing structurally wrong and they’ll let him play as long as he feels well enough,” according to Rotoworld.

All young minds think they are invincible and can do anything. Davis can’t pay the price of having this mindset. His play was outstanding his rookie year, and now in his second year he has exceeded expectations.

Don’t get me wrong Davis has surprised me in his first two years, but I don’t think he will run out of gas in his professional basketball tank. However, if Davis can’t find Michael Jordan’s special water bottle, he might be on the path to injury lane.

The New Orleans Pelicans are 32-46 this season, and will fall short of the playoffs yet again. Davis has missed 11 of those 78 games, and he has left a few games early this season because of back problems.

The back injury hasn’t been the only problem with his body this season. The left ankle has also sidelined number 23 for a few games. Davis has been banged up late in this season, but his teammates injuries have taken a toll on the Pelicans record.

This season Davis is averaging 35.2 minutes a game, but in his last five games, three of those games he has come no where near his season average for minutes.

Going into the offseason New Orleans will reevaluate all their players injuries, and if they aren’t making any process to becoming healthier they need to cut ties with those players. It’s sad to say, but this team can’t afford to have another losing season.

The Pelicans lost their last game to the Phoenix Suns, 94-88, and Davis wasn’t able to play because of his ailing back.

The key piece of advice I would give the New Orleans is they should just sit Davis for the rest of the season, just like they did to Gordon. Word on the street is that Davis is going to miss the final four games of the season. And the Pelicans need to keep an eye on his weakened back, back injuries are to be taken seriously.