Did the New York Giants spend wisely?

Did the New York Giants spend too quickly? That might just be the case. The Giants entered free agency with $133 million in salary cap and spent excessively.

This is a completely different approach then their normal spending style. They have never done this before and the change might not be working in their favor. So far they have spent $115 million on 24 athletes that they think will solve all of their problems.

I’m not quite sure that’s what will come of this spending spree. Most of these athletes are coming off of injury so its not a given that they’ll be in tip top shape when training camp rolls around. As of now the Giants will be entering the 2014 NFL draft with $3,490,088.00 in cap; that’s not much for what still needs to be accomplished.

The New York Giants

Reuban Randle

Many, including myself, are unsure if the Giants have all the necessary pieces to make this upcoming season a success. Yes, they have picked up some great guys like Geoff Schwartz, Rashad Jennings, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, but there are still holes that might not necessarily be filled. The Giants have gained some much-needed pieces, but with Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, and Jerrel Jernigan at wide receiver, I’m not sold on the receiving corps.

The wide receiver position has been on any Giant fans mind since the 2013 season ended. They had Hakeem Nicks, but nothing seemed to work with him. The Giant offense is still looming over everyone’s heads and the only thing accomplished was replacing Nicks with Randle and adding Schwartz to the o-line. They still aren’t even sure Randle will do a good job at the position. It’s a total waiting game at this point. They can’t just rely on their running game- Eli Manning has to have someone who he can complete a pass to.

After shoveling all this money at free agents the Giants need to reevaluate how they want to handle the draft. They still need to lock down another receiver to keep their options open and they need to figure out who will fit into their budget. They are going to have to pick up some low grade unnoticed guys with their low-grade budget. With all of these mock drafts that have been floating around I’m not sure what they are going to end up doing.

The New York Giants

Taylor Lewan

So far their eyes haven’t been on any guys who have gone unnoticed. The Michigan offensive tackle, Taylor Lewan, is a stand out in many of the mock drafts. He would be an asset to the offensive line however he is currently dealing with three misdemeanor assault charges and we are unsure of where he is going to end up. As I’ve said previously Mike Evans and Eric Ebron are where the Giants truly need to go and hopefully will go there. The Giants aren’t the only team in the draft searching for a wide receiver; Mike Evans will go early and nobody is going to risk giving him up.

With 28 days remaining until the draft the rumors and mockups are going to continue accumulating. We’ll all just have to wait and see on draft day what the Giants have up their sleeves.

  • Forever1994

    How can you even prognosticate on what the Giants are going to be until the season has begun? Ridiculous article!