Why the Green Bay Packers should trade down in the first round

In less than one month, the top football prospects will gather in New York City for the 2014 NFL draft.  Since January, the Houston Texans have been on the clock, as they hold the number one overall pick.

The reigning NFC North division champion Green Bay Packers hold the 21st overall pick and have many ways they can go with their selection.  While they could wait to see if the player they want will fall to them, what would happen if their players are no longer on the board?  Does general manager Ted Thompson trade back, trade up, or remain at pick 21?  Here is my answer.

The Packers need to fill three positions in this year’s draft.  They need a tight end, safety, and a middle linebacker.  The good news is that this year’s draft class is extremely deep, so if the Packers can’t get their number one guy at each position, they can wait and get a solid player in the future rounds.  So, instead of trying to trade up and giving away draft picks, I believe that Thompson needs to trade down from pick 21.

Three guys the Packers are looking at are tight end Eric Ebron, middle linebacker C.J. Mosley, and safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.  If none of these players are available when the Packers pick comes, Thompson can afford to trade back and start stocking up picks.  Tight end Jace Amaro has been considered as first round pick, but the rise of Ebron has started to slide Amaro down the mock drafts.

At the safety spot, Jimmie Ward from Northern Illinois is a good pass defender, something that the Packers’ safeties struggled with for most of last season.  At linebacker, Ryan Shazier would be a nice pickup if the Packers decide to move down in the draft.  Shazier has the speed and coverage skills that would be a nice compliment to A.J. Hawk.

Unless if the Packers get a wonderful deal that would allow them to trade up and get Jadeveon Clowney, by far the best player in the draft, they should not trade up and give up picks.  This draft class is extremely deep, and the Packers could find some very good gems in the later rounds.  Finding late round gems just happens to be Ted Thompson’s strength.  This year he should be able to find many of those gems.

  • Phillip

    Move down?? If anything we should move up in the 2nd, or depending on who we get at 21 n who’s left, possibly jump back into the 1st after picking at 21, add the highest quality players possible in this draft, I really believe our roster needs Mosley or Shazier to play inside for us. Its time TT gets aggressive and takes some chances in building our D with the best possible talent, stop letting other teams dictate the talent we get. These are my best case scenario’s to fix our D, my OPINION!! If we can get Mosley at 21 n Pryor is gone, move up in the 2nd to get Bucannon or Ward cause its unlikely they slide to 53. If Pryor is there at 21 with Mosley n Dix gone, select Pryor or trade back into the 1st n lock up Shazier. Id Dix is availabe, pretty much do the same thing as Pryor at 21. Shazier will be available for us worst case, so if 1 of the safeties slip its a trade back into the 1st for Shazier. I can see trading down if Mosley, Dix and Pryor are gone, but not so far we screw ourselves out of Shazier, then move up in the 2nd for Ward or Bucannon. I believe we need to figure a way to add a scenario with 1 of those combo’s of ILB and FS, I believe adding those 2 player fixes some drastic issues on D and would go a long way in solidifying our D for years to come. Add 2 of them and I could careless if they threw darts at a board to determine the rest of our draft.

    • Cory

      I couldn’t agree more!!!!
      Go pack go!!!

  • Chase

    This is garbage

  • Al Dante

    Ted is playing money ball. He prefers the cheap tickets. I could see him passing on the first round completely. I mean when they spend money on Kuhn, Raji, and others to save a buck, money seems to be more important than winning.

    • joe jetson

      Yeah, let’s trade away everything and get three 1st Round Picks. It worked GREAT for Minnesota last year. Oh wait, they ended up with no depth and after a couple of injuries, they ran out of adequate backups, and finished in LAST PLACE.

  • Al Dante

    I agree. Trade away those top picks for a raft of 5,6,7th round draft and development players, ya just like the ones we already have that no one seems to want. 16 Free agents and no one took Kuen, Findley saw little interest, Raji no takers.
    This team is laden with late round picks who are NOT playmakers.
    The thing missing in this article is the first round guys for the most part are your play makers, guys who win games for you not just put on a uniform and go out and survive.
    The pass D on the packers is non existant. Hayward is always hurt, Burnett has not speed or tackling skills, Shields is just average, Williams makes a lot of mental errors and the rest are just bodies.
    Hey when the sports announcers during the game make statements like ‘wow I cannot beleive how many big plays this defense is giving up’ game after game, that tells me draft and development of late round guys ain’t workin.
    I would trade all those picks for a second 2 and a second three.

    • Phillip

      Exactly, i hear ya, how great would it be to add Mosley, Bucannon and Troy Niklas?? Or Pryor, Shazier and Troy Niklas??? I feel the same way, and after not being aggressive in FA, i really hope he has intentions of being aggressive in the draft, take some chances on high quality players rather than adding as many as possible and hoping a few hit, just go all in and add the highest quality of players possible this year. I think we got a solid group, solid starting lineup if we added a major impact player at ILB and FS, that could be the difference in top 10 D or bottom 10 D, and we know our offense is gonna score 30+ no matter what, as long as we got Rodgers, Jordy, Cobb and Lacy, our offense is easily SB caliber, time to get aggressive and add the playmaker on the defensive side of the ball to make our D SB caliber.

  • Bidgie

    Really, Clowney falling to 21? It’s about time TT gets a first rounder that has some impact. Don’t bring up Rodgers, he was a draft fluke. I’d rather they trade up for HaHa.

    • Al Dante

      Could not agree more. Rogers was a fluke. Hey Mathews may be a bust as well. They always talk the talk with this guy but the facts: he has only played half the past two seasons with injuries. If he gets hurt again this year and misses five or six games he becomes one very very very expensive bust. They paid him twice what other linebackers with better numbers get. Ted is screwed up and screwed up this team. They live off the dream that Rogers can win games even with a piss poor defense.

      • BeaverBanger1

        The defense has holes sure, but this defense was one play from beating the niners in the playoffs with a glorified “MASH” unit on the field. Not sure what your drinking @Al Dante but I might think of quiting because it affecting your judgement!

  • Kia12

    you are completely on drugs!